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Understanding Dementia: How Routine Can Help Those with Memory Loss

October 8, 2021 | By

We’re sharing some information on the importance of a routine and how we implement them in our exclusive memory care communities, The Sound and The Cove.

Older man stretching, standing in open field, autumn-What is Active Relaxation

Where Unwinding Meets Engagement: What is Active Relaxation?

October 1, 2021 | By

The term “active relaxation” may sound like a paradox, but it’s a great way to wind down and relax while staying engaged. Explore how to get started here.

Older man sitting on beach, looking into distance-Personal Self Care

5 Tips for Personal Self-Care & Healthy Aging

September 22, 2021 | By

HarborChase Senior Living is sharing some tips on gaining the benefits of self-care and how to incorporate self-care into your life!

Group of women doing yoga, meditating outside-Guide to yoga for seniors

Namaste Healthy: A Basic Guide to Yoga for Seniors

September 15, 2021 | By

In many of our blogs, we mention how beneficial yoga is without really getting into the basics. For this reason, we’ve created this basic guide to yoga!

Community Spotlight_HarborChase of Jacksonville, Florida Senior Living

Experience Everything Senior Living in Jacksonville, Florida Offers

September 8, 2021 | By

HarborChase of Jacksonville is the perfect location for adults to enjoy life, explore the city of Jacksonville, and discover some of Florida’s best gems.

Older woman sitting outside reading, wearing large hat-Summer Safety Tips

Beat the Heat with These Summer Safety Tips from HarborChase

September 1, 2021 | By

HarborChase Senior Living is sharing some essential summer safety tips so you can have a happy, healthy, and fun summer!

HarborChase of Jacksonville-FSLA Best of Best Award

HarborChase of Jacksonville Wins Two 2021 FSLA “Best of Best” Awards

August 25, 2021 | By

HarborChase of Jacksonville announces two of its leaders as winners from the 2021 Florida Senior Living Association’s “Best of Best” Awards Program.

Older man woodworking, holding drill-Fun and Healthy Hobbies

6 Hobbies that Promote Health & Happiness

August 22, 2021 | By

Hobbies are great for mental, physical, and social wellness. HarborChase is taking a look at some hobbies that are fun and promote healthy aging!

Older man sitting on edge of bed, holding head-Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is More Than Just Memory Loss

August 15, 2021 | By

We’re sharing some symptoms of dementia that go beyond memory loss in hopes that you can better understand your family member and their changing needs.

Community Spotlight_HarborChase of Tallahassee, Florida Senior Living

Discover Social Opportunities in Tallahassee Assisted Living

August 8, 2021 | By

We’re taking a look at some of the benefits of socialization and how you can find it in our HarborChase of Tallahassee assisted living community.