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The foundation of hospitality at HarborChase Senior Living is the “resident-guest experience,” which is the fundamental belief throughout our communities. Through the anticipation and attentiveness of our associates, we fulfill the wants and needs and surpass the expectations of every resident and guest. Our dedicated associates embrace an “At Your Service” mindset and possess an unwavering commitment to continuously seek innovation and improvement to provide exceptional hospitality and resident-guest services.

Surpassing Expectations

Creating Your “Best Day Ever”

By showing attention to the personal preferences of residents, we can bring engagement to a whole new level. Our goal is to learn what each person’s “best day” means to them and to make that “best day” possible, every day.

Our dedication to creating the “Best Day Ever” can be seen throughout HarborChase Senior Living – in our attentive associates, exceptional dining experiences, stimulating activities, and community celebrations.

Committed and Courteous

We Are Your Team

From first impressions to lasting relationships, the HarborChase team delivers unsurpassed hospitality. Etiquette courses and image consultations are just a couple of the intentional ways we ensure that we are serving residents and guests like no one else.

When we offer you a refreshing drink, walk you to your car with an umbrella on a rainy day, design our beautiful water features to delight your senses, or offer a helping hand in a moment of need, we are saying that we are committed to providing a thoughtful, caring place you can call home.

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