Mild Dementia Care: The Sound at HarborChase Senior Living

Posted By on May 22, 2019

When a friend or family member is experiencing mild memory loss or mild dementia, providing the level of care they may require can be challenging. Older adults with memory impairments such as dementia can have trouble maintaining their routines, accomplishing everyday tasks, and socializing with others. Managing all of the aspects of a family member’s life is very overwhelming. HarborChase Senior Living has created The Sound to help those needing assistance with loved ones facing mild memory care loss.

At HarborChase Senior Living, we believe that having dementia shouldn’t mean that your family member isn’t able to live their life the way they wish. We know that with a little support and a helping hand, the older adult in your life can enjoy all the things life has to offer and celebrate their golden years.

Specialized Mild Dementia Care

When thinking about dementia care, it is often misconstrued that it is a highly organized, strict environment where seniors do not have the opportunity to do what they want. The misconception is common but entirely false. While traditional memory care programs do frequently have stricter regulations than assisted living communities, The Sound was created differently.

Within The Sound, residents are treated with respect and dignity. Whether your family member enjoys reading, taking walks in the courtyard, or they prefer to relax in their room, we encourage them to do what they like. We designed The Sound to blend the lifestyles of assisted living and memory care into a new, invigorating program that gives your loved one all of the freedoms they’re accustomed to having at home.

Resident and Family Programs

We know that having mild dementia is a difficult thing for a person to live with, which is why we’ve worked diligently to make it as easy as possible for our residents to enjoy themselves. HarborChase Senior Living offers a multitude of resident and family-focused programs that work to enrich your family member’s experience throughout their retirement.

Programs such as Dementia Life Classes, the Virtual Dementia Tour, and community outreach are family-focused programs that work to support you while you help your family member accomplish their goals. Resident-focused programs include a variety of cognitively stimulating activities such as:

  • Fit for Life
  • Memories Art
  • My Story
  • Brain Healthy Dining Options

With the assistance of our dementia programs, your family member will participate in stimulating gatherings that promote cognitive health!

Comforting Experiences

The Sound was designed to provide a space that makes our residents feel comfortable and worry-free. Residents of The Sound will be immersed in an environment full of smiling faces and open arms.

Our teams created The Sound to have each living space, common area, and dining location designed with each resident in mind. We’ve created relaxing atmospheres that are accompanied by a team of our professional caregivers to ensure that your family member is supported when they need it most.

Our associates know that working with individuals that are facing mild memory impairments will make a big difference in our residents, and their families, lives. It is in knowing about the differences they make in the lives of your loved ones that make them passionate about providing an experience we know that your family member won’t get anywhere else.

Are you interested in helping your friend or family member live their best days and celebrate senior living? Contact HarborChase Senior Living today!