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Older man sitting on sofa, wearing headphones looking at smartphone-Best Podcasts for Seniors to Listen to in 2022

7 of the Best Podcasts for Seniors to Listen to in 2022

February 22, 2022 | By

HarborChase Senior Living offers seven of the most recommended podcasts for seniors to enjoy in 2022.

Older man on phone, reading credit card number-How to avoid COVID Scams

Protect Yourself from More Than Illness: Avoiding COVID-19 Scams

July 1, 2021 | By

HarborChase Senior Living is sharing some valuable information about COVID-19 scams and how to protect yourself from these dangerous schemes.

Older woman sitting on couch with laptop-Using online services

How to Make the Most of Online Services

November 15, 2020 | By

From food delivery to entertainment, Harborchase is sharing some things that (you may or may not know) can be done online to make life a little easier. 

Older man having video call on laptop with female healthcare provider-Telehealth Services

Care On-Demand: Benefits of Telehealth Services

October 15, 2020 | By

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has boomed in popularity. We look at what telehealth is and how it can be beneficial, especially to older adults.

Older woman smiling, sitting at desk on laptop-Lifelong learning and continuing education

Lifelong Learning: Continuing Education into Your Retirement

October 1, 2020 | By

HarborChase Senior Living shares some reasons people continue education after retirement, and what to consider if you’re interested in doing the same.

Older man sitting on couch, using tablet-Its Never Too Late

Innovative Memory Care Programs & Solutions: It’s Never Too Late

September 22, 2020 | By

HarborChase knows the value of technology and our memory care residents use tools that aid in social connectivity, education, and entertainment.

Woman in kitchen smiling while looking at smartphone-Caregiving apps

9 Apps to Manage Caregiving Duties

August 1, 2020 | By

HarborChase Senior Living breaks down the most helpful smartphone apps and how they can simplify caregiving duties and promote caregiver health.

senior-couple-using-digital-tablet-in-living-room-HarborChase Senior Living

Senior Health Resources & Digital Tools

June 8, 2020 | By

HarborChase Senior Living highlights a few resources available on your smart device that are focused on older adults, their health, and other topics.

elderly-man-surfing-the-net_Social Media Safety

4 Tips to Promote Social Media Safety

April 1, 2020 | By

Help you or your loved one maintain a safe and secure account on social media sites by following four tips provided by HarborChase Senior Living.

scientist-researching-in-laboratory-HarborChase Senior Living

The Winning Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

September 22, 2019 | By

HarborChase is sharing a few ongoing Alzheimer’s disease research studies that give us hope for a brighter tomorrow!

senior-man-with-tablet-pc-sitting-on-sofa-at-home-HarborChase Senior Living

3 Helpful Technologies for Seniors

March 12, 2019 | By

HarborChase Senior Living highlights technology that benefits the lives of seniors. Read more to learn what your loved one can use in their daily routine!