Innovative Memory Care Programs & Solutions: It’s Never Too Late

Posted By on September 22, 2020

Technology has enhanced our lives in countless ways; we can order groceries from the comfort of our homes, watch movies anywhere, anytime, and stay connected with friends and family during a time of unprecedented distancing. Technology makes our lives more convenient, but it also has the ability to enrich our lives and, in some cases, improve our health.

In the past, there has been a widespread belief that only younger demographics can and want to learn new technologies and that older adults are unwilling to learn or accept new innovations. The truth is, today’s older adults acknowledge the benefits of technology and seek opportunities to learn them. As Ph.D. William Chopik states, “older adults think the benefits of technology greatly outweigh the costs and challenges of technology (Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking).”

HarborChase recognizes the value that technology has and encourages our residents to use innovative tools to aid in social connectivity, education, entertainment, and more.

We also know that assistive technologies can be especially valuable to memory care residents. For this reason, our memory care communities utilize a program called It’s Never Too Late (iN2L) to provide engagement and connectivity.

What is “It’s Never Too Late (iN2L)”?

iN2L uses content-driven engagement to create meaningful experiences for older adults by connecting them to the world. This is done through a person-centered software program offered in various devices such as a tablet, large-screen touch screen, or rolling desktop. The iN2L program features over 1,000 apps, including trivia, music, video chatting, and text messaging.

Since iN2L devices are typically shared throughout our HarborChase memory care communities, the software allows users to create profiles and store information for easy access to their favorite apps or contacts. Each profile can be customized to create a unique experience tailored to the preferences of any resident. These apps help to restore memories, create new experiences, and stimulate cognitive function and enjoyment.

Features of iN2L

iN2L has countless features from puzzles and TV shows to devotionals and guided meditations. Through particular memory-focused features and programs, iN2L allows memory care residents to reminisce and connect with what’s meaningful to them personally—whether it’s a favorite song, childhood photos, or trivia about their favorite movies.

iN2L also features programs and therapy sessions uniquely designed for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or related dementias. These therapy activities work in partnership with what we are already offering in our memory care communities, providing residents with an additional layer of support and care.

Benefits of iN2L for Memory Care Residents

It’s Never Too Late technology includes a variety of benefits, especially for individuals living with memory loss. Through this software, memory care residents can work on progress and growth through mental stimulation, independence, and interaction in subjects and areas in which they’re interested.

Other benefits of It’s Never Too Late include:
  • Easy To Use Interface with Large Screen Design and Touch Screen Technology
  • Mobile Units Available for Individuals with Mobility Issues
  • Great Activity and Conversation-Starter for Family Visitations
  • Adults Can Connect to Others in the Community with Similar Interests
  • Safe Access to the Internet and Online Activities

While iN2L does provide concrete benefits to memory care residents, the value of this assistive technology goes far beyond these tangible elements.

It’s been shown that there is a link between the use of social technology and reduced loneliness in older adults. As iN2L facilitates relationships between residents, it can assist in strengthening mental and physical health. In addition, iN2L also features programs that offer support during meal times, encouraging residents to eat proper and consistent meals.

Memory Care Programs at HarborChase

In addition to iN2L, HarborChase Senior Living utilizes several other programs in our memory care communities. Collectively, these programs create a comprehensive and supportive environment for residents with memory loss or impairments and provide peace of mind to families knowing their loved one is thriving at HarborChase.

Our Life Enrichment Program focuses on creating meaningful moments and memories for residents through various activities, classes, programs, and events. We ensure every resident is being inspired physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, in ways that they enjoy. Here, we truly take the time to get to know each resident individually to guarantee that their unique preferences are met.

At HarborChase Senior Living, we take pride in our world-class memory care programs and the unmatched services that we offer residents and their families. Assistive technologies such as It’s Never Too Late have helped us deliver person-focused, custom care, and activities in all areas of health and wellness.

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HarborChase Senior Living communities that currently offer memory care services include:

HarborChase of Huntsville* | HarborChase of Jasper
HarborChase of Evergreen Walk
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HarborChase of Dr. Phillips* | HarborChase of Gainesville | HarborChase of Jacksonville | HarborChase of Mandarin | HarborChase of Palm Beach Gardens* | HarborChase of Palm Harbor* | HarborChase of Sarasota* | HarborChase of Stuart* | HarborChase of Tallahassee* | HarborChase of Tamarac | HarborChase of Vero Beach* | HarborChase of Villages Crossing | HarborChase of Wellington Crossing 
HarborChase of Long Grove* | HarborChase of Plainfield | HarborChase of Naperville
HarborChase of South Portland*
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South Carolina
 HarborChase of Riverwalk* | HarborChase of Rock Hill
HarborChase of Cordova | HarborChase of Germantown*
HarborChase of McKinney | HarborChase of Plano* | HarborChase of Southlake*
HarborChase of Shorewood*

*Also offers our Mild Memory Care Program, The Sound

For more information on memory care at HarborChase Senior Living, we encourage you to reach out to our care experts. Uniquely trained in the management of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, our associates can answer any questions you may have about memory care, iN2L, HarborChase communities, and more. Contact us today; we look forward to hearing from you.


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