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The Cove is a world-class memory care program designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In this neighborhood, we provide a personalized experience through stimulating activities, memory promoting cuisine, and thoughtfully designed living spaces.

Every day, our associates make a difference in the lives of our residents and their family members by delivering meaningful and nurturing care that transcends expectations.


The Compassionate Approach

Our well-trained, professional associates are dedicated to the happiness and well-being of our residents. They are trained in managing the unique challenges associated with memory loss and utilize the latest therapies and techniques for Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Providing around-the-clock, respectful care, our team displays selfless attention, encouragement, and regard, delivering excellence in all that they do. We specialize in ensuring that residents enjoy a stimulating and pleasing daily experience, to give them their “Best Days.”

Older Hands Completing Puzzle on Table

Thoughtful Interaction

At HarborChase, we believe now is the time to celebrate all that life offers. As part of our memory care program, we are committed to filling our residents’ days with purpose, new interests, and new friends. We diligently explore new and exciting opportunities for anyone facing cognitive challenges to improve wellness in mind, body, and soul.

Our award-winning Life Enrichment Program allows residents to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This program works cohesively with residents, families, and care providers to conceptualize a plan specifically tailored to each resident’s interests and needs. Through physical activities, brain games and puzzles, and social gatherings, residents at The Cove are given all the tools necessary to thrive.


An Intimate Neighborhood

Our Cove neighborhoods are small and intimate settings designed to accommodate residents in a very personalized and dedicated environment. This allows our care associates to closely monitor each individual and deliver highly-focused and personalized attention.

Each Cove neighborhood is designed with specific elements that cater to residents with memory impairments, ensuring safety, familiarity, and comfort. Our Cove program provides peace of mind to families, who know that their loved ones are receiving stimulating, compassionate care in a secure environment.


Silhouette of My Life

At The Cove at HarborChase, individuals experiencing cognitive challenges will feel safe and cared for while maintaining their dignity and vitality.

Upon arrival, our Care Team creates a “Silhouette of My Life” profile for each resident to ensure that their wants, needs, and desires are met. This customized profile helps our associates to get to know who our residents truly are and allows them to create activities and programs based on each resident’s favorite pastimes, foods, desires and experiences. These are things that we not only treasure but celebrate in the lives of our residents. At HarborChase, we see people, not a diagnosis.



In our Cove neighborhoods, the Vibrance Program is a content-driven software program, powered by The iN2L System used to create meaningful experiences. Vibrance features over 1,000 apps, including trivia, music, video chatting, and text messaging, which allow residents to reminisce and connect with what’s meaningful and important to them.



“Best Days”

Our “Best Days” program showcases one resident each week, making them feel like royalty for an entire day. From the moment they wake up, the whole day is centered around their likes and preferences—from what they eat for breakfast, the programs for the day, to the decorations in the hallways.

We are devoted to making residents feel loved and appreciated, and “Best Days” is the perfect way to show that. By honoring a resident for an entire day, we make them feel cherished, energized, and inspired.

  • 24/7 Attention
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Signatures Too Fine Dining Experiences
  • Energizing Group Activities
  • Guided Fitness
  • All-Day Room Service Available
  • Enriching & Stimulating Programs
  • Day Excursions
  • Cooking & Art Classes
  • Elegant Living Areas
  • Social Events
  • Spiritual Services

  • Creating Residents’ “Best Days”
  • My Story
  • Alive Inside and Choral Health Music
  • Memories Art
  • Fit For Life
  • The Vibrance Program
  • Brain Healthy Menu Options

  • Dementia Wise
  • Dementia Life
  • Dementia Café
  • Virtual Dementia Tour

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