Tips to Avoid Dehydration While Traveling

Posted By on August 22, 2023

Think about your travel schedules – either you’re spending the day at a busy airport or sitting in a car for periods of time. Maybe you don’t have time to stop for a healthy snack as often as you’d like, or you don’t have the option to enjoy a refreshing glass of water. When you reach your destination, you’re probably too excited to explore and enjoy attractions rather than take a moment to keep yourself hydrated. 

Travel can cause excessive stress, and if our bodies don’t have enough water, it can put us at risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion – especially during the summer months. For these reasons, you have to be proactive to avoid dehydration while traveling

At HarborChase, our independent senior living communities provide conveniences and opportunities to celebrate moments of joy, especially when it comes to enjoying your retirement.

Here are our tips to avoid dehydration while traveling this summer, so you can stay healthy and hydrated while making the most of your travels!

Know the Signs of Dehydration

Older adults tend to have a higher risk of dehydration due to underlying health conditions or the effects of certain medications, which often have a diuretic result, meaning the body has difficulty retaining water content. 

For these reasons, older adults need to take extra precautions during the summertime to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration. Keep in mind that dehydration can occur at any time or place and when combined with overwhelmingly high temperatures, can quickly lead to heatstroke. 

Signs to watch out for include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Confusion
  • High Heart Rate

While traveling by plane, dehydration can set in before landing due to the low humidity levels in airplane cabins. To counteract this, drink about 8 ounces of water per hour while flying. In addition, avoid coffee or alcohol on your flight, as these beverages also have diuretic effects.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Before your trip, get into a regular habit of consuming more water than usual. This will allow your body to get used to the recurring need for extra water, and before you know it, you’ll be reaching for your water bottle without the need for reminders. 

Start drinking a tall glass of water before each meal and when you wake up each morning. If needed, set timers and alarms to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day. Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times to refill throughout the day; that way, if you do get thirsty, you’ll have your trusty water bottle by your side at every moment!

There are also fun ways to spice up your daily water intake, such as infusing your water bottle with lemons, cucumbers, and other fresh fruit. 

Remember to Drink Your Electrolytes

Even if you’re constantly drinking water throughout the day, it’s important to understand that water alone isn’t enough for your cells and organs to function properly. This is where electrolytes come in. 

Significant electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, and more. These come mainly from our foods and fluids and help to maintain electrical neutrality in cells; in other words, electrolytes help the nerves, muscles, and organs communicate efficiently. 

To ensure you’re getting enough electrolytes, consume fluids like Gatorade and coconut water. If you don’t have access to these, electrolyte powders are sold in packets for an easy carry-on and can be dissolved in water!

Snack on Foods with High Liquid Content

Before indulging in salty snacks or sweet treats, try to snack on foods that contain electrolytes and water. For instance, bananas are an excellent source of potassium, while avocados are full of magnesium. Reaching for carrot or celery sticks, or most fruits and vegetables, can ensure you consume enough high-water content to stay hydrated. 

At HarborChase, health and wellness are of the utmost importance in our independent senior living communities. By providing the right resources and opportunities to enhance wellness, our residents enjoy a higher quality of life every day. If you’re gearing up for a vacation this summer, we encourage you to follow these tips to avoid dehydration while traveling

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