Do You Regularly Clean These Items in Your Home? You Should Be!

Posted By on August 1, 2023

There’s no shortage of house cleaning tips on the internet, whether you want your hardwood floors to sparkle or you’re searching for a new method of making sure your kitchen countertops stay free of dirt and grime. 

But have you given any thought to those places and items in your home that don’t get cleaned very often – if at all? No matter how often you clean out your cupboards, scrub down your refrigerator shelves or vacuum the dark corners of the house, many places should be cleaned on a somewhat regular basis, even if it doesn’t seem like it. 

At HarborChase Senior Living, our communities provide maintenance-free living for residents, so they can enjoy our premier amenities and unforgettable social events without worrying about making time to keep their living spaces organized and clean. However, if you’re preparing to do a summer deep clean, we’re sharing some house cleaning tips for a few places and items to consider tackling. 

Don’t Overlook the Coffee Maker

Whether you use a single-serving coffee maker or a typical drip-style coffee pot, coffee creamer, and sugar might not be the only additions to your morning cup of coffee. Microbiologists found over 65 different types of bacteria in the drip trays alone of kitchen coffee makers during a study. That’s not even considering the other mechanisms of the coffee maker!

If you’re the type of person who can’t go without your morning coffee, you probably use it daily, which means that mineral deposits build up from your water. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem. You can run white vinegar or a descaling product through your coffee maker to break down these mineral deposits. 

It’s recommended that you clean your coffee maker every three to six months.

The Dishwasher Needs Washing, Too

Don’t be fooled by your spotless dishes and silverware; dishwashers often contain bacteria that have been linked to health problems. Excessive food left in the dishwasher after a cycle or two can get old and begin to smell and decay. 

In order to clean out trapped particles, unscrew the screen from the dishwasher floor and remove the filter. Use a bristle brush and dish detergent to scrub out the filter and let it air dry to ensure you and your family are safe from bacterial illnesses. Afterward, clean the inside of the dishwasher by filling a dishwasher-safe glass or mug with vinegar and running the dishwasher on the “normal cycle” to loosen up any leftover soap scum or grease on the inside. 

It’s recommended that you repeat this process every week, and when you’re loading dishes into the dishwasher, scrape off excess food, condiments, and dressings to avoid repeating the problem.

Deep Clean the Oven

A dirty oven left uncleaned for long periods of time can cause a grease fire in your home, and nothing ruins the flavor of a delicious baked treat like food burning in the bottom of the oven. 

To avoid your culinary creations tasting like char, try utilizing your oven’s self-cleaning feature on a regular basis. If you want a more effective clean, use lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar to ensure your oven is spotless and ready to work correctly. 

Note: It’s always best to clean up messes as soon as possible, but you should deep clean an oven every three months for average use.

Wipe Down Ceiling Fan Blades

There’s nothing like relaxing underneath the gentle breeze of a ceiling fan, whether on the front porch on a warm afternoon or in the living room after spending the day outside. It’s a bit less relaxing when you notice your ceiling fan blades are spewing dust, dirt, and even pollen that has collected over time. 

Not only is this a trigger for allergies, but it can cause worse problems by increasing the circulation of airborne allergens, which can trap themselves in any dust or debris on the fan blades. 

Periodically, wipe down the blades with a damp cloth to ensure you don’t experience any allergy flare-ups every time you turn on the fan. If your ceiling fans are too high to reach, there are cleaning products available that come with built-in extenders to help you keep those blades clean. 

Sleep Better with a Clean Mattress

Washing and changing your sheets might not be enough to keep your mattress safe from bacteria. To ensure your mattress stays clean, strip off all the bedding and vacuum the mattress. Pay close attention to crevices and corners where dirt and dust can collect over time. Use a stain remover to spot-treat any stains, and sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over the surface to deodorize. Vacuum again to remove the baking soda, and repeat the process every six months.

However, using a quality mattress protector will reduce the need to clean your mattress as frequently.

Thanks to our housekeeping and maintenance services, HarborChase residents enjoy a clean and comfortable community. When it comes to luxury senior living, we know that exploring opportunities and amenities tops spending time cleaning and maintaining your living space. However, it’s still important to deep clean every now and then, especially when it comes to places that might not get cleaned very often. By using these house cleaning tips, you can ensure your home is clean and keep your family safe from illnesses!

We invite you to visit our concierge or contact us today to learn how HarborChase’s senior living communities can enhance your lifestyle or the life of someone you love!