3 Helpful Technologies for Seniors

Posted By on March 12, 2019

Over the years, technology continues to advance, allowing the impossible to become a reality. With the progression of technology trends, many people have been able to benefit, including seniors. Advancements such as virtual reality devices, wearable tech, and home assistive devices allow for more comfort in the lives of older adults.

HarborChase Senior Living, offering independent and assisted living services throughout the United States, understands how important and beneficial technology can be, and we encourage our residents, and all adults, to take advantage of recent innovations. 

Virtual Reality For Seniors

As new technology trends in the video game industry arise, so do opportunities for seniors to experience things they may have never imagined possible. Many would not see a link between the two, but virtual reality has intertwined a gaming experience with a practical application for seniors. Companies such as Rendever have had breakthroughs that “allow residents to take a stroll down memory lane by revisiting their home, favorite park, or wedding site.” Having the user wear a headset with a screen and audio speakers, virtual reality equipment allows a user to perceive an experience that they are not doing. The amazing technology gives seniors the ability to climb to new heights and relive cherished past experiences all over again.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech could be one of the most prominent technology trends in recent history. Today, smartwatches are everywhere! They provide users with a plethora of information that they did not have access to a few years ago. Some of the essential features of smartwatches that a senior would benefit from are:

  • 911 emergency calls
  • Heart monitoring applications
  • Fall detection
  • Reminders
  • GPS navigation

With the mentioned features, seniors would be able to watch their health much closer than ever before. The fall detection and 911 emergency call features are vital to the safety of an older adult in today’s society. The GPS and reminder features of watches can aid seniors. These watches reorient them if they are experiencing a memory issue. Smartwatches are changing the way seniors think about their health, and there are many more advancements to come in the future.

Home Assistive Devices

Home technology trends have also been on the rise in recent years. With technology such as Alexa and Google Home, there is a different feel to an average house in the world today, like these latest developments from Sodexo. While these technologies have become popular, there are also specialized technologies created for the homes of older adults. For example, a company called Liftware has developed cutlery with sensors in it that reduce tremors that some older adults experience by up to 70%. Other home products such as the Roomba, which cleans floors and carpets in the home, have allowed seniors to relax more often. Looking into these devices can be beneficial, should an older adult need help with their daily routine.

Technology never ceases to amaze its users and will continue to progress for decades to come. It can be hard to believe that technology trends have come so far, but the unknown is not always a negative. Embrace technology as it continues to develop and consult with a physician to learn if some of these technologies could benefit you and your family. At HarborChase Senior Living, our assisted living facilities are always looking at how to integrate technology.

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