4 Reasons Autumn is the Perfect Time to Move to Senior Living

Posted By on September 22, 2022

The temperature starts to cool down, and the trees begin to turn gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange. The holidays are getting closer, and everything feels crisp, clear, and refreshing. It can only mean one thing – autumn is around the corner!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and our team at HarborChase Senior Living believes it’s one of the best times to begin your transition into a senior living community. Our vibrant senior living communities and luxurious accommodations are here to enhance this next chapter of life. In addition, our associates are dedicated to making the moving process easier for every resident and family.

While we celebrate senior living every day, our team is sharing a few reasons why autumn may be the best time of year to make the move to senior living.

Reason 1: Avoid the Intense Weather

Moving into a new home can be stressful, and extreme elements can make the process even more challenging. Carrying boxes during the blistering heat of the summer or pushing furniture in the cold of the winter is less than ideal – and can be dangerous in some cases. 

By staying ahead of snowy conditions and waiting for the temperature to drop to a cooler and comfortable climate, you can unpack and get acclimated to your new home in an ideal setting.

Reason 2: Better Moving Rates

Around 40 million people move every year in the United States, and 80% of these moves occur during a peak season from April through September. This timeframe is generally the busiest moving period for rental apartments and single-family homes, as many post-college graduates and parents with children anticipate moving during the summer months to complement their schedules. 

Moving companies and storage facilities tend to charge higher costs to accommodate the large demand for services like labor and transport during peak season. To avoid these higher rates, plan your prospective move for late September or early October to find more affordable moving assistance options. 

Reason 3: Beat the Rush

While summer months are the busiest and most expensive times for moving, autumn brings a much slower pace. This is because many people don’t want to move right before the holidays. Instead, senior living communities hit a peak of interest in January, once people have finished their family celebrations and are ready to settle down for the new year. 

During the fall, there’s less “competition” for senior living communities. Scheduling a tour of one of our HarborChase locationsduring this season can allow you to explore your options and find the right fit for yourself or someone you love.

Reason 4: Just in Time for the Holidays 

Perhaps you’ve heard a version of this common saying: “Once October hits, everyone starts getting ready for the holidays!” Halloween decorations adorn people’s homes, and before you know it, families begin making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Fall is a fun and festive time in senior living communities, with activities for every holiday and occasion. It’s an excellent time to get involved and celebrate with your fellow residents.

Joining activity groups and clubs are a sure way to celebrate holiday traditions with friends. You can even get creative and begin new traditions by starting special events in your community:

  • Plan a costume contest for a fun Halloween bash! Create fun categories for your fellow residents to compete in, like “Best Group Costume,” “Scariest Costume,” or “Funniest Costume,” and have unique prizes for each winner.
  • Gather your neighbors and friends for a “Friendsgiving,” where you can share your favorite recipes and partake in a conversation about all the things that you’re thankful for.
  • After Thanksgiving has passed, organize a Christmas ornament decorating group where friends can get creative and make their own special tree ornaments. For even more fun, encourage everyone to wear a funny holiday sweater – the tackier, the better!

At HarborChase Senior Living, our associates are here to provide you with everything you need for your senior living journey. With our festive events, enhanced dining, and luxury amenities and accommodations, you’ll love every season at HarborChase. 

We invite you to find a HarborChase Community near you or visit our website for more information!