5 Benefits of Working in Senior Housing

Posted By on March 15, 2020

Senior living is a rewarding industry that is full of growth and opportunity. While some may think the senior living industry is only for caregivers, communities offer a variety of positions for almost any career path from dining to (in some cases) salon stylists!

Retirement communities have plenty to offer an individual seeking a new and exciting career. While some may not consider a senior living community as their first choice for employment, HarborChase Senior Living wants to share five reasons why senior living is such an impactful industry to be a part of.

Benefit #1: Creating Lasting Experiences & Bonds

The senior living industry yields a unique opportunity for staff members to truly bond and get to know their clients [residents]. These bonds and emotional connections have been highly regarded as one of the best benefits the industry offers. 

In a recent survey, when asked what workers enjoyed the most about their job, 63% said it was caring for and relating to residents. As one person in the survey put it, “They are the reason I come to work.”

Benefit #2: Making an Impact

The senior living industry aims to improve the lives of the seniors we serve, as well as their families and loved ones. Responsibilities in a community can vary; you may be a caregiver ensuring a resident’s health and safety, or you may be an employee that leads engaging activities for residents to participate in. 

Regardless of where you land in a community, you are providing a personal service to seniors, and providing families with peace of mind knowing their parent or loved one is receiving proper care and attention.

Benefit #3: Warm & Welcoming Environment

Many of those that choose to join the senior living industry have a passion for seniors. Being able to work with individuals who put others’ needs before their own provides for a warm, compassionate environment. This type of environment can also help foster your own passions or goals, making for a more rewarding job experience.

Benefit #4: Strengthening Valuable Skills

One of the most significant benefits of this industry is the knowledge gained and the skills acquired. Depending on your position or skill level when you start at a senior living community, you will likely pick up new skills or strengthen old ones. Fortunately, these skills are applicable, not only at work but in our everyday lives. Whether it’s caring for another person or organization and event planning, the senior living industry can allow for professional and personal growth.

Benefit #5: A Strong and Growing Field

Healthcare support occupations and personal care services are listed among the fastest-growing fields in the United States, with over 18% growth projected from 2018-2028, adding millions of jobs in the industry. With the baby boomer generation approaching retirement, senior living and retirement communities are set to expand at a rapid pace. 

By 2030, all baby boomers will be above the age of 65 and seeking retirement options. The U.S. Census department estimates that by 2034, there will be over 77 million citizens who are 65 or older. This growth makes the senior living industry an invaluable part of our economy and will be one of the most stable and fastest-growing sectors in the United States. 

In addition to these immeasurable benefits, HarborChase Senior Living communities offer benefits that include dental, medical, vision, life insurance, 401k with company match, education assistance, and more. Our communities are always growing and have a variety of positions available!

HarborChase Senior Living communities throughout the United States provide the highest standard of hospitality to our residents and all who enter our communities. With excellent benefits, employee rewards, and job satisfaction, HarborChase is a great place to begin a new career in the senior living industry or continue down your path!

If you want more information regarding job opportunities at HarborChase & HRA, we invite you to view all of our available positions here!