4 Winter Safety Tips to Help Ensure a Better Season

Posted By on December 1, 2019

During the winter months, freezing temperatures, snow, and ice can make daily activities difficult for people of all ages. These elements can create an unpleasant environment that may make traveling difficult, affect your overall mood, and alter the way you handle your day-to-day activities.

At HarborChase Senior Living, we know that winter safety is essential for those who live in the more frigid and colder environments. For that reason, we would like to give you a few safety tips to help you better navigate this winter season.

Winter Safety Tip #1: Managing Your Diet

Being stuck inside due to unsafe weather conditions can result in weight fluctuations and vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D is an example of one vitamin that you may find yourself lacking in your diet during the winter months, as this vitamin is primarily absorbed through the sun. 

The overcast winter months make it difficult to get exactly what your body requires. We suggest that you incorporate foods like garlic, ginger, green tea, blueberries, and spinach to help improve your immune system and avoid winter illnesses such as the common cold or flu. 

Winter Safety Tip #2: Home Preparations

If you are a homeowner, preparing your home for the winter is important to not only protect the structure from the elements but those residing in it as well. A common myth amongst homeowners is that opening your curtains to shed more light in a room will help warm it up. In reality, it does the opposite as your home’s energy is spent trying to heat the windows as opposed to the room itself. 

Another winter tip for your home is to close the doors and block the vents of unused rooms. When a door is left open to a room that is mostly unused, it will draw energy and warmth away from other, higher traffic rooms of the house. We also suggest blocking the bottom of the door to any unused rooms with a towel or blanket to help keep the cold out of the rest of your home. 

Winter Safety Tip #3: Dress for the Weather

While many may assume a quick trip to the mailbox or the car does not require you to bundle up; you would be wrong. Cold temperature makes your heart work harder to maintain your body’s heat, meaning that even a quick trip outside can take a toll on your body. When you’re going out, be sure to wear layers, socks, a hat, and gloves to help prevent your body from getting cold!

Winter Safety Tip #4: Active Living

Maintaining physical activity during the winter months is another tip to ensuring your health through this season. Strength training indoors can not only help increase blood flow, but studies have shown that is can also boost your immune system and help you fight off the common winter ailments. Indoor activities such as lifting weights, yoga, or riding a stationary bike are all fantastic ways of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle during the winter months. 

Winter safety is crucial, and taking these steps can help to stimulate a positive and healthy winter season. We at HarborChase Senior Living hope you found this guide helpful, and we encourage you to check out our blog for more useful information regarding healthy aging.


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