‘Tis the Season for Caregiver Relief: Using Respite Care Over the Holidays

Posted By on December 1, 2021

Get to the mall for some gift shopping…Order, print, and mail out the holiday cards…Pick up Mom’s prescription…Bake and decorate the cookies for the school party…Shovel the snow from Mom and Dad’s front porch…Pack for our vacation…Help my aunt prepare meals for the week…Find time to relax and watch a holiday movie with the kids…

Let’s face it: the holidays can be hectic. Even though they are supposed to be a festive and joyful time, they are a whirlwind of events, shopping, overbooked schedules, and financial stresses. Even popular Christmas songs refer to the hustle and bustle of “busy sidewalks” during the holiday season. 

These everyday stresses can impact anyone—single or married, employed or not, kids or no kids. However, one group of individuals that feel these stressors a bit more than most, and those who are caring for children, family, and aging parents—often referred to as the “sandwich generation.” 

Members of the sandwich generation wear many hats all year long, but the holidays are especially stressful. One solution to consider: Respite Care, a short-term option offered by senior living communities. HarborChase Senior Living offers respite care at many of our communities, and we encourage you to explore the benefits of it during the holidays. And your family member will love the experiences and comradery of a vibrant community with like-minded individuals.

What is Respite Care and Who Uses It?

Respite care is a temporary, yet safe and convenient option, when family caregivers need to take care of themselves, but their loved one also needs consistent care and attention. Usually offered in an assisted living community or similar environment, respite care provides professional care, meals, accommodations, and enriching activities.

Respite care services are an ideal solution for caregivers who need some time to relax and unwind, handle other obligations, or even take a vacation. 

How to Use Respite Care Over the Holidays

Caregiving itself can already be highly demanding, and if caregivers don’t take time for themselves to rest and recharge, they often experience symptoms of caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout can result in physical illness, social withdrawal, and other concerns, both mental and physical. On top of usual caregiving responsibilities, caregiving during the holidays can be especially stressful as you try to keep up with everyday demands plus those of the holiday season. 

If you’ve never used respite care, the holidays are an opportune time to experience it. From a few hours to a few weeks (a minimum stay may be required), respite care offers flexibility and options for caregivers to: 

  • Spend a few hours catching up on holiday errands, shopping, and cleaning 
  • Take a long weekend to visit friends and family out of town 
  • Relax at home for an evening to rest and recharge
  • Take a two-week vacation with your family 

Respite care also provides peace of mind for caregivers. They can rest assured their family member is cared for in a professional and compassionate environment while enjoying delicious meals, personalized attention, and social engagement. Knowing their family member is engaged and entertained helps relieve feelings of guilt about needing additional support during the holidays or anytime of year. 

Respite Care at HarborChase Senior Living

HarborChase offers respite care services at many of our communities throughout the United States, not only providing caregivers with a much-deserved break but also offering older adults the chance to experience our luxury communities first-hand. While their family members are away, respite guests enjoy the same services our full-time residents do, including resort-style amenities, exceptional hospitality, and elevated dining options. 

In addition to our usual services and amenities, HarborChase Senior Living also offers unique holiday activities and events for our respite guests. We believe in celebrating senior living every day, whether through a special winter feast, holiday movie nights, trips to the theater or museum, or other fun and festive activities. Our residents feel welcome and right at home, regardless of how long they stay with us. 

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time, but there’s no reason they need to be more stressful than necessary for family caregivers. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed this year, consider short-term respite care at HarborChase Senior Living. We’ll offer professional and attentive care with the highest level of service and hospitality to your family member so you can relax and rejuvenate. 

Contact our team today to learn more about our respite care services, or find a community that offers respite near you!

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