How to Celebrate Your Family Member’s Move to HarborChase of Wilmington

Posted By on September 8, 2022

When someone you love decides to move into HarborChase of Wilmington, our associates are ready to welcome them with open arms and unparalleled amenities and services. We like to view the moving process as a celebration, and we take pride in helping residents start living their best days! 

Watching a member of your family take such a large step can come with many challenges. For instance, the moving process itself can be strenuous, and living in a brand new community might feel different at first. Fortunately, there are many ways for you and your family to celebrate this new step and enjoy all that our senior living community in Wilmington, Delaware, has to offer! 

Make a Plan

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new home is deciding how to decorate a new living space. However, it can also be the most taxing. If your parent or family member has spent a long time in their current home, it might be overwhelming deciding what to bring and what to part ways with.

Create categories for things to keep and items to sell or donate. As they identify the important things that make their house a home, be sure to make helpful suggestions when they have trouble deciding whether to hold on to an item. 

Remember that leaving their home can be an emotional and challenging process. By offering your support, you can help to make it easier and inspire them with a positive point of view. 

Embrace New Spaces

As your parent or family member begins this next chapter, help them arrange their favorite furnishings so they can create their perfect new home! 

Consider inviting other family members and friends to participate! Make it a point to bring photos to reflect on treasured memories and ask them which photos they want to display in their space. This is a great way to lend a helping hand while creating new memories for everyone to celebrate. 

Creating a comforting space is a great way to ensure they feel at home in their new community and can be an excellent opportunity to develop a support system. 

Help Them Create a Routine

After settling into their new home, encourage your family member to develop a daily routine to keep them engaged in our Wilmington senior living community.

Go through our event calendar to see if anything catches their eye. Perhaps they want to focus on staying active with one of our weekly fitness classes or try their hand at golf at our putting green! If they want to pamper themselves, suggest that they reserve monthly appointments at our on-site salon or make weekly trips to our upscale spa.

This is also a great time to help them get to know their fellow residents. Our community clubs and activity groups are a great way to meet friendly new faces! This can also be an opportunity to find common ground among their neighbors and residents, so they can share their passions and hobbies while creating meaningful connections with those around them.

Plan Future Visits

Spend some time touring the grounds of our Wilmington senior living community with your family member and find activities you can do together or with your whole family! 

Plan a river-side picnic at the scenic Delaware River (located less than five miles from HarborChase at Wilmington!) or explore the attractions along Riverfront Wilmington.

You can also make a point to have a weekly family dinner at one of our exquisite dining destinations; from upscale fine dining to signature cocktails, we help you celebrate every moment!

Our beautiful courtyards and elegant communal spaces are perfect for simply relaxing and catching up with each other.

Create a special planner where you and your family member can keep track of future events, family meals, and visits. This is a wonderful way to stay supportive, celebrate milestones and show your support as your parent or family member enjoys all of the benefits HarborChase of Wilmington offers.

Being supportive is crucial for ensuring that someone you love has an easy and smooth transition into their new living environment. Not only can this be a fun process for you both, but a great way to plan for an exciting future. 

Here at HarborChase of Wilmington, we create an experience that celebrates senior living every day. We make it a point to work closely with residents and family members to ensure their unique needs are always met. We believe every day is a cause for celebration!

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