HarborChase of South Oklahoma City Shares Why You Should Choose Senior Living Sooner Rather Than Later

Posted By on June 8, 2022

When you are trying to determine whether senior living is the right choice for you, many factors can influence your decision. For many older adults, one of the most important factors is the timing of the transition.

At HarborChase of South Oklahoma City, we empower older adults to thrive and enjoy their retirement years by choosing senior living sooner rather than later. With an assortment of activities available each day, access to life enrichment programs and fitness classes, and the comfort of their own luxurious private apartments, our senior living residents in Oklahoma City truly embody what it means to celebrate senior living.

If you are considering assisted living communities, discover why making the move sooner rather than later can have significant benefits for your life – in the short and long-term.

Freedom of Choice

Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons older adults choose to move into a senior living community sooner rather than later is that it gives them the power to choose.

When the choice is yours, you elect to move into a community designed for your needs, wants, and goals. As a luxury senior living community in Oklahoma City, HarborChase of South Oklahoma City celebrates senior living – which means the highest standard of hospitality, elegant venues, a full schedule of activities, and social events both within the community and in the greater Oklahoma City area.

Too often, older adults move into a senior living community because they need to. Instead, we believe retirees should want to move to senior living to discover new opportunities and supportive and enhanced living.

Freedom of Time

HarborChase of South Oklahoma City is committed to helping residents thrive. This means giving you the time and freedom to make the best decisions for yourself every day.

Individuals who live in private residences or own their own homes often lose that freedom because they are too busy tending to the tedious tasks of everyday life.

Did you know people spend an average of six hours a week cleaning their homes, with nearly a third of people spending seven or more hours a week on cleaning? Other tasks include keeping up with the household bills, maintenance and necessary repairs, and yardwork. Senior living gives you that time back, so you can spend it however you want!

HarborChase of South Oklahoma City offers the freedom of time from daily household chores as well as cooking. While residents can use their newfound freedom to expand their culinary skills, we also offer multiple dining venues for those who would rather leave the cooking to us. From American favorites to gourmet meals, HarborChase residents enjoy beautifully plated, nutritious meals every day.

We want your retirement years to be full of relaxation and enjoyment, and we take every opportunity to give you that time.

Freedom of Opportunity

One of the misconceptions about assisted living communities is that they limit your freedom. False! At HarborChase of South Oklahoma City, our residents find endless opportunities for daily enjoyment that enhance their independence.

We deliver the finest senior living experience in Oklahoma City with dedicated health and wellness classes, art and music courses, social events, and regular excursions to visit points of interest throughout the greater Oklahoma City area.

Events and activities are offered daily, making it easy to connect with friends and neighbors while enjoying what you love most. Although older adults are often at risk for social isolation, loneliness, and depression, at HarborChase, our residents thrive.

Discover Senior Living in Oklahoma City

At HarborChase of South Oklahoma City, we believe that senior living should be celebrated every day. And by choosing to move into a senior living community sooner rather than later, you give yourself the freedom of choice, time, and opportunity.

When it comes to assisted living communities and senior living, there are few freedoms more important than those.

We invite you to discover all that HarborChase of South Oklahoma City has to offer older adults, families, and guests. Visit our website today to learn how we’re celebrating senior living in Oklahoma City and beyond!

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