March into Spring with Daily Events at HarborChase of Sarasota

Posted By on March 15, 2021

At HarborChase of Sarasota, we know how essential mental and physical wellness are for older adults. We are committed to creating a life of engagement, stimulation, and entertainment for our assisted livin and memory care residents. 

In addition to dedicated and professional care, our Sarasota, Florida, community offers a rotating calendar of diverse events, activities, and programs. Each one aims to benefit residents – whether through physical activity, mental stimulation, or connecting with others. 

Check out some of the events HarborChase of Sarasota Assisted Living is hosting in March! 

Get Moving

Physical exercise is likely the single most important activity that older adults can do to contribute to their overall health and wellness. Getting the recommended amount of exercise promotes healthy aging, lowers the risk of chronic illness, reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and increases memory and cognitive function. 

At our assisted living community in Sarasota, Florida, we host various physical activities for all levels and abilities. Some of the activities you can look forward to in March include: 

  • Stretch and Flex: Stretching is a low-impact but valuable exercise. It can allow for broader movement in muscles and joints, increased circulation, and reduced risk of falls and injuries.
  • Chair Exercises: Chair exercises are an excellent option for our Sarasota assisted living residents who want to participate in physical activity but may need some extra support and stability.
  • Cardio Workout: Participating in cardiovascular exercise is vital in promoting heart and brain health. At HarborChase of Sarasota, our fitness classes ensure that each assisted living resident is exercising safely and effectively.
  • Dancercise & Yoga: In addition to being good for you, exercise should also be fun! Every month, our Sarasota, Florida, community hosts a fun physical activity that not only gets our residents moving but also has them enjoying time with others. 

Engage the Mind

Getting your mind active is a key element in promoting brain health, including sharpening focus, attention, and memory and reducing the risk of dementia and other memory impairments. At HarborChase of Sarasota, we aim to keep all our assisted living and memory care residents engaged and stimulated. This month, we’re hosting mentally stimulating activities like: 

  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Test Your IQ Game
  • Puzzle Corner
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Music Trivia Challenges
  • And much more! 

Be a Social Butterfly

In addition to physical and mental wellness, we know that social wellness is vital to health and well-being. Our assisted living and memory care community in Sarasota, Florida, hosts events that encourage residents to interact and connect with others, maintain old friendships, or forge new ones. 

  • Movie Nights
  • Cards with Friends
  • Buzz Time at the Bar 
  • Cocktails & Conversations 
  • Putt-Putt on the Green

There’s Always Time to Celebrate!

While most of our programs are intended to promote wellness, some are simply for fun! Every month we try to host social events and celebrations where all assisted living residents are welcome. Since this month is St. Patrick’s Day, we’re hosting a fun-filled day complete with a lesson in Irish sayings, a shamrock shake social, and traditional Irish music! 

Celebrating Senior Living at HarborChase of Sarasota

Located on the sunny Florida coastline, HarborChase of Sarasota offers assisted living, memory care, and respite care services. We provide meaningful, supportive, and engaging days for all our residents while giving their families peace of mind.

For more information on assisted living at HarborChase of Sarasota, contact the community today!