Dementia Activities That Promote Wellness at HarborChase of Huntsville

Posted By on July 8, 2021

Individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another memory impairment face many unique challenges that can cause frustration and distress and create an environment that is not conducive to wellness and success.

When family caregivers start to feel overwhelmed, considering a dementia and memory care community may be the best solution for everyone involved. These services, like those offered at HarborChase of Huntsville, create an atmosphere of comfort, familiarity, and engagement. Dementia and memory care communities provide professional care and support, specialized security, and activities and programming intentionally designed to stimulate cognitive functioning.

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, HarborChase of Huntsville offers mild dementia care and more comprehensive memory care services. We’re taking a look at how certain stimulating activities can be valuable to those living with memory impairments and some of the activities we offer at our dementia care community.

Memory & Dementia Care in Huntsville, Alabama

Transitional Memory Care

HarborChase of Huntsville offers a transitional memory care option, The Sound, that delivers specialized care to those with mild or temporary memory loss. The Sound can be used as a temporary option or a transitional option, allowing individuals to move through the levels of care as their cognitive health changes.

Memory Care

Our world-class memory care program, The Cove, offers attentive and direct care to those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. We create meaningful and purposeful days through custom care, familiar settings, and intentional programs.

Why Are Activities Beneficial in Memory Care?

At HarborChase of Huntsville, we know the importance of incorporating daily activities and engagement into our memory care neighborhoods. Some of the benefits of offering these activities to our residents include:

  • Providing joy and purpose
  • Maintaining independence
  • Retaining fine motor skills
  • Creating a routine and daily structure
  • Encouraging an emotional connection
  • Stimulating the senses

Types of Activities Offered at HarborChase of Huntsville

Both of our memory care options in Huntsville, Alabama, offer daily activities, events, and programs that provide physical, mental, and social stimulation to residents. We’re taking a look at some of the activities we offer and how they target comprehensive wellness and create successful days.

Promoting Physical Wellness

Regardless of cognitive abilities, individuals benefit from physical exercise. Daily physical activity can contribute to enhanced balance and motor coordination as well as improved sleep and better behavior. Our Huntsville, Alabama, memory care community offers diverse options for physical activity, including daily cardio strolls, hot yoga, full-body fitness classes, and other fun options like golf games.

HarborChase of Huntsville also offers programs that focus on more intricate physical stimulation targeting delicate movement and fine motor skills. These programs typically consist of baking, art projects, and other creative outlets.

Promoting Mental Wellness

Mental stimulation is crucial for fostering cognitive functioning and overall well-being in those with dementia. At HarborChase of Huntsville, we ensure each day is full of fun and unique ways to encourage mental wellness. Some of our mentally stimulating activities include themed trivia nights, bingo and other games, and discussion groups.

Promoting Social and Spiritual Wellness

In addition to activities that stimulate the mind and body, our Huntsville, Alabama, memory care community also offers programs that encourage social and spiritual wellness. These activities are essential in boosting confidence, connection, and enjoyment. At both The Sound and The Cove, we host programs like coffee socials, religious services, spa nights, and monthly birthday celebrations!

Discover Memory Care in Huntsville, Alabama

In Huntsville, Alabama, our memory care community offers specialized care and services to those facing memory loss challenges. The Sound, our mild dementia care program, provides a transitional option for those with mild memory loss or those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, The Cove offers a more comprehensive and immerse memory care option.

Both of our memory care options create an environment of engagement, familiarity, and success through daily programs and activities—each one thoughtfully designed to encourage the most success and progress.

If your family is trying to manage the challenges associated with memory loss, we encourage you to contact us at HarborChase of Huntsville to learn more about our memory care options and how they could benefit you. We look forward to hearing from you

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