Independent Living Communities: Offering Retirement Reimagined

Posted By on June 1, 2019

When people think about senior living, it’s common for most people to imagine bland food, cramped living conditions, strict guidelines, and a boring lifestyle without engaging activities. At HarborChase Senior Living, we strive to change the mindset in traditional independent living, and set the bar higher with our luxurious senior living settings.

At our communities, we celebrate senior living every day! Celebrating senior living is a way of life, ensuring happiness with our highest level of hospitality. Our independent living communities are designed to provide adventurous, meaningful experiences to active seniors along their senior living journey. HarborChase reimagines retirement by exceeding expectations in every way possible to keep you feeling happy and living an independent, healthy lifestyle.

Dining Reimagined

One of the most common misconceptions of senior independent living is that they offer unsatisfying food. A service in senior living that we believe should always be enjoyable is the dining experience. At HarborChase, we reimagine retirement dining with our very own culinary teams that create a delicious and satisfying cuisine with an enhanced daily menu. We offer various unique dining locations and atmospheres; enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our fine restaurants or have a specialty drink at the Bistro. Seniors can dine with other community residents for companionship and socialization or with family members.

Unhealthy food has adverse health effects, which is why HarborChase’s culinary team always uses fresh, healthy ingredients to create an authentic dining experience that matches high-end resorts to keep you healthy and feeling great!

Hospitality Reimagined

It can be challenging to find a community that values hospitality, but at HarborChase, we believe that hospitality should be a top priority. HarborChase creates “best days” every day by focusing attention on the personal preferences of our community residents to reimagine hospitality. Hospitality at HarborChase was founded on the belief that our communities are experienced through our professional staff that aid every need of residents and guests. Our senior living staff is caring, committed, and professional. Each care professional has a consistent commitment to meet needs and surpasses expectations of all residents and guests bringing you the “best day” every day. We offer engaging experiences in luxury apartments to ensure residents don’t feel anxious and can live life to the fullest!

Lifestyle Reimagined

Seniors today want more than a nice meal and extra care. They want things to do, people to talk to, and most importantly, to feel like a part of something bigger than themselves.  HarborChase reimagines senior living by continuously delivering unique and captivating lifestyle experiences such as personalized programs, events, stimulating spiritual programs, life-enriching group excursions, life-enrichment programs, and over 21 activities to choose from. Seniors can enjoy a spectrum of events and activities, including socializing, volunteering, discovering hobbies or indulging in lifelong passions.

Reimagine your retirement with HarborChase Senior Living, where our passion is to celebrate senior living every day and continuously improve every aspect that makes an exquisite community! If you think HarborChase might be a good fit for you, contact us today!


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