HarborChase of Shorewood Shares How to Stay Active in the Winter

Posted By on January 8, 2024

Winter in Wisconsin brings picturesque snowscapes and cozy moments indoors. However, the colder months often challenge our activity levels. In fact, a poll found that 86% of U.S. adults state their activity levels drop vastly during the winter due to less motivation to get outside to stay active. 

Despite the weather, staying active and engaged is crucial for overall well-being. At HarborChase of Shorewood, we believe in fostering a vibrant lifestyle year-round. Let’s explore ways to stay active, connected, and energized during the winter months and how our Shorewood senior living community can support you on this journey.

Create Indoor Adventures

When the weather outside is frightful, indoor adventures can be delightful. HarborChase’s indoor spaces are versatile and perfect for fostering creativity and exploration. 

In arts and crafts sessions, residents can create beautiful masterpieces or engage in pottery classes, and our on-site library offers a treasure trove of books, fostering a culture of reading clubs or story-sharing sessions.

Make Use of Community Spaces

Our Shorewood senior living community boasts communal spaces perfect for indoor activities. From our on-site fitness center equipped with the ideal exercise gear to recreational rooms for group activities like dance classes or board games, there are abundant opportunities to stay active without braving the cold.

Delight in Seasonal Delicacies

Nutrition is crucial during the winter months. The culinary team at HarborChase crafts menus that embrace the season’s bounty. Warm, hearty soups, root vegetables, and seasonal fruits are incorporated into meals, offering comfort and nutrition. Family members can join in cooking sessions led by the culinary team, learning new recipes and healthy cooking tips.

Winter Spirit Doesn’t End with the Holidays

Our Shorewood senior living community encourages residents to celebrate the joys of winter. Crafting sessions, themed events, or simply cozy gatherings with hot cocoa can brighten the spirit and create cherished memories. Winter-themed arts and crafts provide avenues for self-expression and creativity.

Stay Connected and Active Digitally

Technology bridges distances and fosters connections, especially during winter when outdoor mobility might be limited. HarborChase provides support to residents in navigating digital platforms. Virtual family reunions, video calls, or online games enable residents to stay connected with loved ones while staying warm indoors.

Engage in Volunteering & Community Outreach

At HarborChase, fostering a sense of community extends beyond its walls. Our loved ones here are encouraged to participate in community outreach programs or volunteer opportunities, such as making care packages for the less fortunate or engaging in fundraising initiatives. Contributing to the larger community cultivates a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Dive into Therapeutic Pursuits

Winter can sometimes heighten feelings of stress or anxiety. To address these concerns, HarborChase organizes various therapeutic activities. Residents can participate in meditation sessions, aromatherapy workshops, pet therapy with our furry friends, or music therapy to relax and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

Prioritize Mental and Emotional Wellness

Winter blues can affect anyone. HarborChase associates are trained to offer emotional support and engage residents in activities that promote mental wellness. Mindfulness exercises, journaling, or group discussions can uplift spirits and foster a sense of community.

Encourage Intellectual Engagement

Winter months provide an excellent opportunity for mental stimulation. Our Shorewood senior living community offers educational seminars, discussions, and lectures covering a wide array of topics, stimulating residents’ curiosity and intellect. Engaging in puzzles, brain games, or learning a new language can also be stimulating activities during the colder days.

Experience the Winter Wonderland Safely

While Wisconsin winters can be harsh, HarborChase of Shorewood prioritizes safety without compromising enjoyment. Trained associates ensure any outdoor activities are conducted with the utmost care and attention to residents’ safety. Residents can relish the season’s scenic beauty through birdwatching or strolls on specially cleared, well-maintained paths.

HarborChase of Shorewood is excited to provide a harmonious environment where well-being, joy, and active living coexist. By embracing a blend of indoor and outdoor pursuits – with safety ever present in mind – nurturing body and mind and fostering connections, we can make winter a season of growth and vitality.

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