How Hospitality Management is Transforming Senior Living Options

Posted By on June 22, 2022

When it comes to senior living, older adults have more options than ever before. Because of this, senior living communities must continue to find new ways to adapt to the needs and preferences of their residents.

At Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA), senior living is meant to be celebrated – and we have built luxury retirement communities that celebrate senior living better than anywhere else in the country.

What is the secret to incredible hospitality in senior living?

It is really no secret at all: When you put people at the center of everything you do, many of your decisions become relatively simple. Below, we look at how hospitality management is transforming senior living communities for the better – and how HRA is leading the way in delivering first-class hospitality at each of our beautiful HarborChase locations.

Pay Attention to Every Detail

Hospitality management is about more than providing a memorable experience for your guests. For senior living, it is about building an inviting community where every day is a celebration, where residents feel a sense of belonging and friendship, and where incredible amenities are the expectation, not the exception.

That begins with superior attention to detail. At HarborChase, that means focusing on every interaction – from how we welcome visitors into our communities to the personalized support and care we provide to the camaraderie and professionalism our associates always display.

Just as a luxury resort creates a unique and rewarding experience for its guests, our hospitality-driven luxury retirement communities provide all that and more. While a resort guest may enjoy their stay for a night or two, our residents choose to call our communities home. It is an honor and a great responsibility, which motivates us each day to do more for our residents, guests, and families.

Elevate the Dining Experience

One unique way that we have leveraged hospitality management to transform the world of senior living is through our dining venues and initiatives. We recognize that some of the most rewarding times you can spend with family and friends are over a great meal. Knowing that, we have brought the class, elegance, and sophistication of fine dining restaurants into our HarborChase communities.

At The Grill Room, residents and guests can enjoy an exclusive meal prepared by our world-class chefs. Imagine walking into an upscale steakhouse in any major city in the United States. When you first walk through the doors, you immediately experience the difference. The ambiance, the tastefully prepared tables with beautiful linens and silverware, and the incredible aroma of delicious food drifting out from the kitchen.

That is what our residents experience at The Grill Room. Open for limited seating every Friday and Saturday dining, The Grill Room was created intentionally to elevate the fine dining experience to new heights. The Grill Room at select HarborChase locations is open to the public, giving us greater opportunities to showcase our commitment to hospitality and service. Find a community near you and experience it for yourself!

Celebrate Senior Living

For 20 years, Harbor Retirement Associates has been at the forefront of senior living, developing luxury retirement communities across the U.S. In these two decades, we have not only expanded our reach to serve a greater number of older adults, but we have also created a unique brand of hospitality and service that surpasses all others. Click here to see what the last 20 years have brought us!

Senior living is a cause for celebration, and that is what we do every day at HRA and our HarborChase communities. By using the principles of hospitality management, we are continually finding ways to exceed the expectations of our residents, our associates, and our guests.

Hospitality management has transformed (and continues to transform) senior living options for the better, and we are proud to be leading the way. Although we have spent 20 years crafting and fine-tuning the way that we make our communities into true destinations for seniors and their families, we also know that there is much more to be done.

We are excited to begin the next 20 years of hospitality management in senior living, and we are excited to begin new initiatives in our luxury retirement communities. Of course, no matter how many new programs and campaigns we launch, we will never lose focus on the heart of hospitality management and the reason we work so hard every day – for every single person who calls a HarborChase community home.

To learn more about our commitment to hospitality in senior living, please visit our HRA website today.