Understanding the Differences: Assisted Living vs. Home Care

Posted By on August 22, 2019

Assisted living communities versus home care continues to be a debate; in short, what makes them different? While these care options may seem similar, they are quite different. As far as assisted living communities vs. in-home care on a competitive level, there is no clear winner as the results vary on your loved one’s needs and desires.

In this blog, we hope to aid you in a definitive decision for your situation. While there are also pros to choosing home care, assisted living communities, like those offered at HarborChase Senior Living, can provide a sense of community with many luxurious amenities that home care may not be able to.

Level of Care

The first part of assisted living vs. home care is the level of care your loved one will receive. Both options provide your loved one with exceptional care, but only one of these has 24-hour assistance. Assisted living communities provide your loved one with care from professionals 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, no exceptions.

Home care is ideal for those who want to remain in their home but need regular assistance in daily activities. However, in-home care provides your loved one with a skilled caregiver for only a limited time frame and a live-in caregiver can be extremely costly. While this may be ideal for some older adults, if your loved one requires 24-hour care and attention, assisted living may be a better solution.

Community Comfort

Naturally, many older adults want to remain at home during their retirement years. While this is a nice thought, assisted living vs. home care defines its most significant difference here. Staying at home can be reassuring, and personal home care makes it possible for those who still require assistance. Assisted living communities, like those at HarborChase Senior Living, have a leg up on home care in terms of community. Social isolation among seniors is a prevalent and growing issue that the AARP has begun taking action against with their Connect2Affect movement. Social isolation at home can seem somewhat harmless, but it may have adverse effects on your loved one’s health; from causing depression to putting their life at risk.

Cost and Conveniences

One major misconception in the assisted living vs. home care debate is the idea that in-home care is a cheaper option. Even if your loved one has a home that is fully paid off, they may spend more, in the long run, to remain in that home. The reason for this is because of maintenance and utilities, as well as other unexpected costs associated with homeownership. Assisted living communities provide residents with straightforward pricing every month that eliminates unexpected costs. Furthermore, assisted living communities, like those offered at HarborChase Senior Living, provide luxurious amenities and conveniences to our community members.

While staying at home can seem perfect, it may cause challenges in the future.HarborChase Senior Living puts care and effort into each of our assisted living communities, and we provide a level of care to our residents that is unmatched. Your loved one will be surrounded by peers and neighbors and know what it means to retire in luxury! If you’re interested in finding a community near you, we invite you to search our communities

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