HarborChase of Coral Springs Addresses Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Posted By on December 8, 2021

Today’s assisted living communities offer personalized experiences in modern, vibrant environments and provide more perks than you may even realize. Unfortunately, these benefits can be overshadowed by misconceptions about what life is like in an assisted living community.

The truth is that these misconceptions are just that—myths. HarborChase of Coral Springs, an assisted living community in Coral Springs, Florida, is addressing some common misconceptions surrounding assisted living and sharing why it can be a valuable and life-changing decision for you or someone you know.

Myth #1: “I won’t be able to leave the community.”

TRUTH: The purpose of assisted living communities is to provide full-time support to adults, but that does not mean that residents are confined to the walls of the community. HarborChase encourages residents and guests to be active inside and outside of our community. We coordinate transportation for residents, as well as invite family and friends to visit and explore the exceptional experiences Coral Spring offers. 

Coral Springs, Florida, has consistently been named one of the top places to retire and offers many opportunities and activities for older adults. Our assisted living community is conveniently located less than 20 miles from Florida’s Gold Coast, less than 10 miles from Everglades National Park, and just minutes from museums, dining, and shopping.

Myth #2: “My days will be structured, and I won’t have any freedom.”

TRUTH: While it’s true that assisted living communities have daily programs, activities, and events, nothing is mandatory. We designed our community to give residents the choice to spend every day how they please. If you want to join the rest of the community for daily events, you can. If you want to spend the day reading and watching a movie in your apartment, you can do that too! 

Some of the activities you can expect to find in our assisted living community in Coral Springs, Florida, include adaptable exercises, art classes, game nights, full-service restaurants, and special events and celebrations. 

Myth #3: “I will lose my independence.”

TRUTH: HarborChase of Coral Springs offers supportive assisted living services, but we pride ourselves on helping residents maintain as much of their independence as possible. We offer assistance when needed, but are intentional about being respectful, discreet, and considerate. 

Our outstanding associates and first-class hospitality services ensure that residents are catered to without losing their independence or privacy.

Myth #4: “Assisted living associates don’t care about the residents.”

TRUTH: At HarborChase of Coral Springs, our associates are passionate about providing best-in-class care to the deserving population of older adults. Everyone in our community—from care partners and Life Enrichment Directors to chefs and maintenance staff—has a genuine desire to get to know each resident on a personal level. 

Our associates go above and beyond to make someone’s day, whether it’s anticipating their personal needs, exceeding their expectations, or simply sharing a warm smile and conversation. Simply put, we are exceptional people serving exceptional people.

Myth #5: “Assisted living communities are boring.”

TRUTH: Many people still believe that assisted living communities feature a clinical setting with fluorescent lights and boring cafeteria food. This couldn’t be further from the truth! HarborChase of Coral Springs is a lively and vibrant community, resembling a high-end resort featuring first-class amenities and hospitality services. HarborChase is a hospitality company that happens to serve seniors.

We create a luxury senior living experience with elegant apartments, elevated dining, and comfortable spaces for relaxation, exercise, and socialization. Our assisted living community in Coral Springs, Florida, features: 

  • Welcoming and open common spaces
  • Multiple restaurants, including a gourmet grab-and-go bistro
  • On-site movie theater
  • Game room
  • Open outdoor areas with beautiful gardens and water features
  • Comfortable studio apartments
  • Daily activities and programs

Myth #6: “I’ll be lonely.”

TRUTH: Assisted living communities are home to exceptional individuals looking to begin a new chapter after retirement, and senior living communities are the perfect place to do that. HarborChase of Coral Springs offers many opportunities for socialization and relationship building through activities, dining experiences, and community events. Many people make lifetime friendships and connections at senior living communities, plus friends and family are always welcome! 

The Benefits of Assisted Living in Coral Springs

Moving into an assisted living community is a significant decision, so separating fact from fiction is essential. HarborChase of Coral Springs is a dynamic and exciting place to live. Not only do residents receive dedicated personal assistance, but they also enjoy luxury services, convenient amenities, a wide range of activities, and much more! 

It’s time to say goodbye to myths and misconceptions about assisted living and take advantage of all that it has to offer. To discover more about assisted living at HarborChase of Coral Springs, Florida, visit our website!


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