HarborChase’s Approach to Memory Care

Posted By on September 8, 2020

In the United States alone, more than 5 million people are living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. As the aging population grows, this number is expected to nearly triple by 2060. Because of this, the need for high-quality, effective memory care programs is crucial now more than ever.

HarborChase Senior Living, with memory care communities throughout the United States, takes our memory care services very seriously and is committed to providing compassionate care in a welcoming environment to individuals living with memory loss.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a form of senior care specialized for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. At HarborChase, our memory care neighborhoods are unique and independent of our main communities. These areas are dedicated to a smaller number of residents who require special attention due to cognitive impairments related to memory loss.

Memory care communities offer a comprehensive approach to care—providing residents with the tools they need to thrive not only physically, but also mentally, socially, and emotionally. HarborChase Memory Care allows residents to prosper and reach their goals in an atmosphere that stimulates growth, development, and security.

Safety and Security

All of our memory care neighborhoods include unique safety features that specifically cater to those with memory loss. We create an environment where associates can closely monitor residents’ health and safety. Our small and intimate settings also allow residents to adapt to their new surroundings so that they feel comfortable, safe, and at home.

Personalized Attention

Due to our memory care communities’ more intimate nature, we accommodate fewer residents, allowing our care partners to deliver more focused, personalized attention. Our custom-tailored care plans focus on each individual’s unique needs, wants, challenges, and preferences, enabling them to thrive in every way possible.

Memory Care Programs at HarborChase

At HarborChase Senior Living, we offer a variety of memory care programs designed to stimulate, engage, and connect. These programs and events ensure that residents are making progress, connecting with others, and having fun.

Life Enrichment

Our Life Enrichment Program, which is offered at all levels of HarborChase experiences, is intended to fill residents’ days with meaningful moments and activities. From guided exercises to cooking classes to group games and puzzles, these programs foster holistic well-being and development. Our calendar of Life Enrichment activities changes monthly, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Life enrichment works cohesively with the resident, their care providers, and family to conceptualize a plan specifically tailored to the resident’s interests and needs. It is of paramount importance to us that the care of a resident is executed effectively to ensure loved ones are provided with peace of mind knowing their family member is thriving at HarborChase.

Best Days

Our “Best Days” program is a unique and light-hearted activity that showcases one resident a week, making them feel like royalty for an entire day. From the moment they wake up, the whole day is centered around their likes and preferences—from what they eat for breakfast to the decorations in the hallways!

We are devoted to making our residents feel loved and appreciated, and “Best Days” is the perfect way to show that. By honoring a resident for an entire day, they feel cherished, energized, and inspired. “Best Days” are an excellent opportunity for residents to participate in community events with enthusiasm and joy, creating lasting memories!

The Sound

The Sound, our mild dementia care program, is a transitional option for individuals with moderate memory loss problems but may not require the full attention available in our memory care communities. Offered at select HarborChase communities, the goal of The Sound is to accommodate individuals whose needs may change with time and allows them to safely move through care levels within the community.

Family-Focused Programming

We know that having a parent or family member with memory impairments can be overwhelming and challenging. In all of our memory care communities, we work with families to help them adapt to the changes that the individual in their life is facing. We provide them with tools, resources, and programs to better educate on the challenges associated with memory loss, as well as on the specific elements of their family member’s care plan.

Exceptional and Attentive Memory Care

At HarborChase Senior Living, we take pride in offering highly personalized, focused, and compassionate memory care services. Each of our world-class memory care programs ensures that residents and their families are equipped with the necessary tools to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and successful life.

If you have a family member living with memory loss or impairment, we encourage you to reach out to HarborChase memory care. Our team can answer any questions you may have about the transition into care, HarborChase communities, and more. We invite you to contact us today.

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