Al Pellegrini with award

Al Pellegrini, 2nd Floor, is shown with his Award for 2021 Men’s Ultimate Senior Club champion at Orange Tree CC, besting 25 other players in the Ultimate senior group. Al was a late bloomer when he started playing golf at age 34 in his native Pittsburg. Since
that time golf has become his passion and he looks forward to his regular games at Orange Tree, three times a week. When not playing he is walking, exercising, swinging a club near the elevator, or hitting balls on the range. I asked Al if he ever had a hole in one and he told me he had 9. What was most remarkable is that two of his holes in one were at age 95. Al, now 96, is an inspiration to all of us. He is a living example of how keeping your body in shape and having a “love of the game” (his is golf) can keep you going and going and going. Way to go Al.

Ward Kaiser

Ward Kaiser, 1st floor, a lifelong reader writer and NYC book publisher is offering his unique style of writing for the enjoyment of IL News readers. This article presents his views of living in Harbor Chase during a pandemic.

The Harbor Chase Experience – A Personal Perspective

Love at first sight – that is what happened when Lorraine and I checked out Harbor Chase at Dr. Phillips. So, in November 2019 we left our home near Niagara Falls, Ontario and took up residence here.