What is Assisted Living?

Posted By on January 22, 2019

There comes a time when a person may need additional support in their life. The ASHA-sponsored website, whereyoulivematters.org, states almost half of U.S. adults ages 65 and older either need or currently receive help. While you may want to help your loved ones yourself, this can become a challenging and trying issue to manage, especially if you have a career, children, and other responsibilities. Despite how much you may care for your parent or family member, you may need help, but where do you get it? You are looking for a solution that meets the needs of your family while still providing them with the freedom to live their life.

Why Choose Assisted Living

Despite it being a common term, people may be uncertain of the meaning of assisted living. The easiest way to describe this type of care is that it provides individualized support and assistance in either a person’s home or a residential setting.

According to the website mentioned above, needing help with daily activities is the most common reason older adults choose assisted living. Assisted living communities assess residents to provide them with the care that they need. While these communities offer around the clock care, the National Center for Assisted Living states that residents of assisted living communities do not require complete assistance, needing help with a few daily activities. It also indicates that the most common activities of daily life or ADLs are:

  • Bathing at 62%
  • Dressing at 47%
  • Use of the toilet at 39%
  • Bed transfer at 30%
  • Eating at 20%

Where to Find Assisted Living

You might be wondering where to find one of these communities. Fortunately, HarborChase Senior Living has assisted living assisted living communities located throughout the U.S. We craft our communities to provide residents with a loving environment, and offer residents programs and exercise classes to ensure they remain healthy. Many of our communities also feature relaxing relaxation spaces like spas and courtyards where residents can let their worries fade away. Additionally, we provide access to a nutritious and ever-changing menus to allow for specific nutritional needs. 

When to Look for Assisted Living

It may be difficult to decide if your family member needs assisted living. For some, there may be signs or concerns that arise. For instance, you may notice that your mom forgetting to pay bills or isn’t completing routine household chores. These are some of the innocuous signs you could notice, but additional signs could include safety concerns or simply the inability to complete ADLs, like bathing or mobility. The decision to transition to this care is up to you and your family member.

If you want to learn more about HarborChase’s assisted living services, we invite you to visit our website.

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