Experience HarborChase: Using Respite Care as a Trial for Assisted Living

Posted By on July 22, 2020

Respite care is a valuable service that provides numerous benefits to older adults, family caregivers, and others. Respite care can assist a caregiver during vacations or appointments, as well as provide them with a temporary rest from caregiving duties.

However, respite care is just as valuable for an individual considering care options for themselves. It allows them to experience the amenities, services, and support an assisted living community can offer should they ever want to use them in the future. HarborChase Senior Living offers respite stay programs at many of our senior living communities across the country. Our respite services are designed to help caregivers while allowing guests to experience the benefits of a HarborChase community!

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short-term care option that can be tailored to you or your family’s needs, including the length of stay and level of care provided.

HarborChase Senior Living’s respite care programs include services such as engaging group activities, day excursions, dining options, and 24/7 attention. Beyond care, our programs aim to create an enriching and active environment.

What Are The Benefits of Respite Care?

As respite care services allow full-time caregivers a much-deserved reprieve, benefits from this point of view include providing caregivers a chance to rest and relax, spend time with family, and focus on their own health—all with the peace of mind that their family member is in a caring and engaging environment.

On the opposite side, we want to highlight the benefits for the individuals who receive respite care. Living alone at home can cause older adults to become socially isolated, and respite care is an excellent opportunity to experience a community and socialize with new people. Guests will also benefit from a full calendar of activities designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Lastly, guests can enjoy an exceptional level of care that includes personal assistance and space upkeep.

Using Respite Care as a Trial for Assisted Living

If you’re not sure if senior living or an assisted living community is right for you, using respite care as a trial can be a great idea. Not only will it allow you to experience all the amenities and services of a community, but it may also help you to see how beneficial assisted living support can be for your lifestyle.

Testing out a respite care program is a low-commitment way to explore care options. While many are reluctant to start thinking about moving out of their house and into an assisted living community, a respite care “test run” can be attractive because there is less of a permanence. You don’t have to immediately sell your house and make a series of significant decisions; you’re only seeing what a new way of living could look like.

At our HarborChase Senior Living communities, those who choose to use our respite care services are given access to the same amenities, events, and benefits as permanent assisted living residents. By using respite care as a test run, you can get to know other residents and team members, familiarize yourself with the community, and experience personalized, round-the-clock care for all your needs. Living and experiencing these things first-hand will be a great indicator of life in the community.

When Should I Try Respite Care?

The point of using respite care as a trial is that it can be done at any time, whether you need assistance yet or not. By testing out respite programs, you can be sure that, when the time does come for you to move to an assisted living community, you’re confident and excited about where you want to go. Instead of feeling nervous about the unknown, you can feel eager to go back to the community and friends that you’ve grown to know and love!

HarborChase Senior Living has communities throughout the United States that provide engaging and safe environments. If you’re considering assisted living care, we encourage you to try our short-term respite care program as a trial run. You’ll see all that HarborChase communities have to offer, with no commitment!

For more information on our care options, or to schedule a tour at one of our communities, contact us today.

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