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Posted By on February 26, 2019

This month, HarborChase Senior Living would like to highlight one of our community’s outstanding residents, Madelyn! She has been a resident of our HarborChase of Palm Beach Gardens community for a year and a half. After taking some time to speak with Madelyn and learn her incredible story, we’re delighted to share her story with our residents and guests!

Growing up in Mayfield, Pennsylvania, Madelyn lived with her four sisters. Growing up in Austria, her father had learned to play five instruments and taught all of his daughters how to play the piano and violin. Madelyn’s father worked in coal mines and would often come home with stories of mine collapses, and he would be covered in bruises. Madelyn’s mother was concerned and informed her father he was not to work in the mine any longer due to safety risks. Her father then became a builder because the economy and population were booming in the area. Her father later built the house that Madelyn grew up in.

While she was in school, her favorite subjects were music and spelling. She says that she never liked to do mathematics and that it was her least favorite subject in school. She eventually met a boy at school that later became her husband. Her friend went on a date with a man who introduced Madelyn to his best friend. His name was Russel, and he was serving in the US Army, stationed in Miami. After they met, Russel went back to his post in Miami, came back on vacation time to Pennsylvania and asked Madelyn to marry him. She then went to Miami Beach with him, got married, and lived in a house on the army post with Russel. Madelyn loved to sew and found a tailoring job in Miami Beach just outside the post where she was taught to master her passion for sewing.

When the war ended, Madelyn and Russel moved to Meridan, Connecticut where they both were employed at International Silver Company. When they both retired, they moved to West Palm Beach where Russel worked as a manager for a Canadian baseball team’s spring training camp. He also worked at The Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Madelyn always stayed in touch with her sisters and their families. To this day, she is very close to her nieces, who reside in Palm Beach Gardens. She states that she took care of them when they were younger, and now they are helping to take care of her. Her nieces visit her often, and Madelyn looks forward to seeing them.

As Madelyn is very crafty, she enjoys participating in art classes and doing creative projects here at HarborChase of Palm Beach Gardens. One of her favorite activities to partake in is the annual Christmas tree decorating event. She will spend hours decorating 12 small trees for our annual Festival of Trees. Our community always sees a big smile on her face during this time! Madelyn also enjoys attending HarborChase’s fitness classes. Eating meals with friends, taking walks, and putting puzzles together are some of her favorite things to do in the community!

Madelyn is very friendly to all residents and makes them feel welcome. She has a compassionate heart and listens and engages in genuine conversation with everyone that crosses her path. She has a beautiful smile and often is found in a joyous mood all around the community!

Madelyn also has a parakeet named Budgie. She likes to take Budgie out of his cage and place on her shoulder so they can walk around the room and he can fly off her shoulder and around the apartment. She talks to him all the time, and he gladly chirps back to her!

We are happy to share Madelyn’s story with our residents and guests, as she is an incredible person in our community that we are glad to highlight. Congratulations to you, Madelyn!

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