Unexpected Health Benefits of Dancing

Posted By on August 15, 2022

Aging doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Staying active keeps your mind and body healthy. While many older adults turn to walking, yoga, golf, and other activities to keep themselves active, there is another fun activity seniors should consider as part of their exercise routine – dancing!

There are life-changing benefits of active senior living. At HarborChase Senior Living, we are passionate about pursuing holistic wellness as part of healthy living and healthy aging. In our senior living communities across the United States, physical wellness is not only encouraged but enjoyed at HarborChase – including dancing!

Like other forms of exercise, dance benefits seniors in many ways. Physical exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization are vital for reducing the risk of dementia. Fortunately, dancing hits all three for adults who want to protect their brains and stay physically healthy. In addition, dancing can lift your spirit while benefiting your body!

The Benefits of Dance are More Than You’d Expect

The health benefits of dancing are plentiful for older adults. Take a look:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Dance is a gentle way to exercise, as it is enjoyable and exciting. It might not even feel like exercise, but dance provides low-impact cardio. It can produce many of the same cardiovascular and pulmonary benefits as more traditional exercises, like walking or biking.

Enhanced Strength and Endurance

Dance builds muscle as you move your body in a variety of directions, requiring muscles to bear weight in a new way. Over time, muscular endurance improves, and you’ll be able to dance for longer periods of time.Increased strength and endurance can help individuals confidently complete daily tasks without worrying about injury or falls.

Better Cognition

The health benefits of dancing include your brain, too! Dance not only requires physical movement, but a dancing person’s body must coordinate with their brain to follow a routine. As a result, memorizing steps and moving fluidly through a dance increases brain activity and improves overall cognitive function. 

Increased Energy 

An enjoyable exercise activity like dancing can boost energy levels throughout the day. Physical activity increases feel-good chemicals in the brain like endorphins and serotonin that can improve energy. Consider mixing up different types of dance from day to day to keep yourself intrigued. Increased energy is just another benefit of active senior living!

Dancing the Blues Away

There is a strong connection between physical health and mental well-being. Regular physical activity aids mental health due to the emphasis on mind and body connection.

Dancing, along with other forms of exercise, can reduce depression and ease feelings of anxiety for older adults. One study found “the benefits of movement and dance included increased quality of life and interpersonal skills while at the same time lowering depression and anxiety” of participants.

Strong Social Connections

Dancing is a fun social activity. Whether it be a dance class with friends or a swing dancing party with neighbors, meeting people with similar interests and hobbies is fun. Increasing socialization through dance is a great way to get to know people around you. Dancing with others can keep you accountable, provide enjoyment, and can even improve mental wellness.

Increased Confidence

Improved physical abilities from dance and the resulting sharpened cognition allow you to feel confident about yourself and the world around you. When you reach to play with grandkids or decide to go for a walk with friends, knowing you can confidently complete a physical task can be an exciting benefit from any form of exercise.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes & Give Dance a Try!

Dancing might seem challenging at first, but it is truly a gentle and fun way to increase overall activity. Connect with neighbors and invite them to dance with you. You never know what benefits may come from it!

Living a healthy lifestyle includes being mentally, physically, and socially active. There is a strong connection between these three aspects, and when combined have undeniable benefits.

HarborChase Senior Living offers dance classes and dance-related social activities as part of the monthly activities calendar in our luxury senior living communities. We hope these health benefits have encouraged you to give dancing a try.  Join us and experience active senior living at HarborChase!