A Cause for Celebration: Supporting Your Friend’s Move to a Senior Living Community

Posted By on March 1, 2022

At HarborChase Senior Living, we believe that moving into one of our independent senior living communities is a reason for celebration. With first-class accommodations, personalized services, and beautiful locations throughout the United States, a HarborChase community is truly a place where you can live your best life.

And while our associates are ready to welcome new guests to our fabulous communities, we also recognize that the decision to move – and the many decisions that go along with it – can bring about unique challenges and obstacles.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can help your friend celebrate their move into a senior living community. By providing support, lending a helping hand, and maintaining a positive outlook, you and your friend will be celebrating their move for years to come.

Cherish & Simplify

When your friend decides to move into an independent senior living community, one of the biggest questions will be, “What should I do with all my belongings?” And if they have spent years living in the same home (perhaps their family home), downsizing and simplifying can seem like an overwhelming task.

This is where you can become an important resource throughout the process. According to Mary Dykstra of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), one of the best ways to begin simplifying your home is to imagine living in your new space. You can help your friend visualize how each piece of furniture will be used in their new home – and which ones should be donated or sold.

You will also provide a neutral opinion on which items should make the move into their new home. After years of living in one house, many personal items will become sentimental, even if they are no longer purposeful. 

Help your friend determine which are the cherished items – the ones that must be kept. For all others, consider taking pictures of the keepsakes to preserve their memory.

Move-In Day

The big day will be full of excitement and anxiety no matter where your friend is moving. Whether you are traveling with your friend and helping them move into their new home or simply cheering them on from afar, you can play a vital role in ensuring the day becomes one to celebrate and remember.

Encourage your friend to take pictures in their new home to share with other family members and friends. If you are traveling with them, tour the grounds of the senior living community, taking time to discover and appreciate the amenities that their independent senior living community offers.

At HarborChase Senior Living, we take pride in delivering the highest level of hospitality and experience. As you tour the neighborhood, you and your friend can discuss dining options, daily activities, and meet our wonderful associates as well as other residents in the community.

Ongoing Support & Celebration

With world-class dining options, exceptional hospitality and service, and ongoing social engagement and connection opportunities, HarborChase Senior Living provides an unparalleled experience in our independent senior living communities. Now that your friend has arrived and settled into their new residence, it is time to enjoy all the benefits of living at HarborChase!

You have supported your friend through some of the more challenging aspects of moving into a new residence – simplifying their personal belongings, downsizing from one home to another, and the logistics of moving day. You can continue to offer your support by encouraging your friend to take advantage of everything their community has to offer. 

Remind them to check the monthly calendar for events and activities. Gently urge them to reach out to new people and expand their social circle. And, celebrate the milestones – their first day, first month, and the first year of living in a senior living community.

When your friend decides to move into an independent senior living community, they are making a decision that will have lasting benefits to their health, wellness, and happiness. By lending a hand and remaining their steadfast supporter, you can help them navigate the obstacles on their way to enjoying their lives in one of our exclusive communities.

And when you decide to make your own move – it’s their turn to support and celebrate you! Explore our independent senior living, assisted living, and memory care communities throughout the United States by visiting our website and finding one near you.


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