HarborChase of Jasper

Assisted Living in Jasper, Alabama


HarborChase of Jasper Assisted Living offers care, attention, and conveniences for those who need extra daily support. We proudly serve Jasper, Alabama, and the surrounding Northern Alabama areas of Union Chapel, Manchester, Townley, Cordova, and beyond.


Daily Assistance

At HarborChase of Jasper, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care to residents and guests. Our compassionate and expertly-trained associates offer assistance with grooming, dressing, mobility, and more. Each associate is thorough, respectful, and discreet, ensuring resident dignity and safety. Our goal is to foster independence by offering the right level of care and support at the right time.

Going The Extra Mile

Guest Services

At HarborChase of Jasper, we have a fundamental belief in providing the highest possible level of service, care, attention, and hospitality. Through our comfortable apartments, outstanding dining options, and attention to detail, our Jasper, Alabama, community delivers consistent and quality service each and every day.

An Active Lifestyle

Mental and Physical Wellness

Through our Life Enrichment Program, HarborChase of Jasper provides an assortment of daily activities and experiences for residents and guests. All our programs are designed to promote physical activity, social wellness, and mental stimulation. Our Jasper, Alabama, community programs include chair exercises, crocheting and sewing club, trivia and game nights, and more.

Charming and Historic

Jasper Assisted Living

HarborChase of Jasper is located in Jasper, a historic and inviting town in Northern Alabama. Our community is just outside of Downtown Jasper, boasting industrial heritage, and awe-inspiring architecture. We are also conveniently located by Walker County Lake, a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Here, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Want to Learn More About Assisted Living?

For more information or to schedule a tour of our Jasper, Alabama, community, contact a member of our care team today!