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We believe that senior living should be celebrated with joy and love every day. At HarborChase, our community will provide you and your loved ones with the opportunity to immerse yourselves in a new and purposeful lifestyle full of exciting opportunities, exceptional cuisine, and close friends. Our residents love living in an active and engaging community. Discover which one of our various lifestyle options meets your desires.

What to Consider

Activity Level

Whether your loved one is active and able to navigate on their own, or they need a little help getting around the community, we guarantee that there are lifestyle options that fit your loved one’s activity level.


Does the senior in your life need assistance with their tasks from time to time? HarborChase offers lifestyle options for those who have trouble living on their own or would like to relax and let someone else take care of the day to day chores.

Level of Care

Is your loved one in need of a professional caregiver, or would they prefer to spend their time independently at home? Our lifestyle options have varying levels of care to meet all of your loved one’s needs.

Medical Attention

Does your loved one need to see a physician regularly due to a health condition? HarborChase has lifestyle options with medical professionals that are always available to consult with your loved one.

Independent Living

The journey starts today! HarborChase has best-in-class community programs and group outings that provide excellent opportunities for our residents to get to know others and start living their best days. We redefine senior living as a celebration as we engage our residents in best-in-class community programs, excursions, and celebrations along with our unparalleled hospitality in their choice of dining venues.

Assisted Living

From the very first day a resident moves in, they are a familiar name and face, treated as a respected and cherished member of our family. We create a “Silhouette of My Life” profile when each resident arrives to ensure that their wants, needs, and desires are being met. Our care partners are dedicated to creating an experience that includes professional attention and engaging programming. This exceptional care, paired with our best-in-class hospitality and the culinary choices we offer to our residents, truly creates an environment that celebrates senior living!

Transitional Memory Care

At HarborChase, our mild dementia care program, The Sound, is a transitional opportunity for individuals with mild memory impairment. As memory impairments tend to be progressive, The Sound accommodates those whose needs may change with time and allows them to move through care levels within the community safely and comfortably. This gives families peace of mind knowing that their loved one will receive the appropriate level of care and helps them adapt to the cognitive changes their family member is experiencing.

Memory Care

By seeing each of our residents as valued individuals —rather than a diagnosis— we welcome and celebrate each special moment whether it is one lived now or one remembered. At HarborChase, we have created The Cove, a safe and loving memory care residential program, for those with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Honor and respect are the driving forces in our memory care program because every resident has abilities, strengths, and stories that matter to us.

Respite Care

Does your loved one need some time to recover? Our respite care is designed to provide comfort and relaxation to those who need it. Relaxing in a quiet space while we offer our specialized hospitality and attention to their medical needs will help them recover sooner. Our skilled professional care is ready to give your loved ones the place they need to restore their health successfully.

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