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Conveniently located minutes away from The Greene Town Center, HarborChase of Beavercreek provides residents with a senior living experience that is worth celebrating. Indulge in community events, excursions, cookouts, celebrations, and gatherings that the whole family is invited to. Here, we’ve created a place where individuals can enjoy the company of friends and neighbors and relax comfortably in a place they are proud to call home. We proudly serve Beavercreek, Ohio, and the surrounding areas of Dayton, Kettering, Oakwood, Bellbrook, and beyond.

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Health and Maintenance

HarborChase is proud to announce the use of Viking Solutions, an all-natural, electrostatic sprayer to clean our communities. This product is a salt-free, non-corrosive product that merges science and nature. The solution is produced by the same white blood cells found in the human body which help to eradicate germs. The ions in the solution are positively charged, allowing particles to successfully cling to both sides (sprayer and surface,) which creates a completely canvased area that has been entirely cleaned. Due to the absence of harsh chemicals, this product is not hazardous and is user proof. The “safe & stronger” product has an endless supply because the system is generated on-site from our own water. Viking Solutions has been helping businesses maintain health and sanitization for over 50 years by eliminating germs similar to those found in COVID-19. For more information, please ask the director of maintenance if you have any questions.

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Hospitality & Amenities

• Highest Level of Hospitality
• 15 Minutes Outside of Dayton, Ohio
• Harbor Fit Wellness Center
• Evolving Calendar of Events, Classes, & Programs

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Assisted Living Near Dayton, Ohio

Assisted Living at HarborChase of Beavercreek provides residents with supportive assistance and engagement opportunities.


Mild Dementia Care near Dayton, Ohio

HarborChase of Beavercreek offers a transitional memory care option, The Sound, that provides support and engagement to those with mild memory impairment.


Memory Care Near Dayton, Ohio

The Cove, HarborChase of Beavercreek’s unique memory care program, is designed to provide a safe environment and support individuals with memory loss in their day-to-day routine.


Respite Care Near Dayton, Ohio

Respite care at HarborChase of Beavercreek offers a perfect solution for adults who need temporary care.


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