HarborChase - The Chefs Studio Live
Chef Studio live with Chef Joe Johnson of HarborChase of Wilmington

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Chef Joe Johnson

HarborChase of Wilmington

Chef Joe found his passion for cooking from watching his grandmother cook and prepare supper for the family in Cape May, New Jersey. This inspired him to join the culinary world with the desire to satisfy and serve others with offerings of delicious food and beverage.

Shortly after graduating from culinary school at Delaware Technical Community College, Chef Joe became the Executive Chef at Krazy Kat’s, one of Delaware’s most prestigious local restaurants. He learned to refine his palate by using fresh farm-to-table and local ingredients, accelerating his knowledge of his craft. In more recent years, having a family of his own has changed him and allowed him to inspire his family with the love and integrity instilled in him from his grandmother’s dining room in Cape May.

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