Pledge of Love

We believe there is a hero in all of us. HarborChase of Tallahassee has taken a Pledge of Love to protect our residents, associates, and everyone we serve.

As an associate of HarborChase of Tallahassee

I pledge to show my love by adhering to the following guidelines and protective measures:

I will wear a protective mask in public.

I will maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more.

I will not participate in group outings or gatherings of more than ten people.

I will maintain a high standard of cleanliness by washing my hands several times a day.

If I feel sick or exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19, I will let my supervisor know.

I will continue to adhere to these guidelines both on the job and at home.

As new guidelines are introduced, I will follow them to the best of my ability.

Hiring For Heart

HarborChase Careers

As one of our associates, you are the most important asset in fulfilling our promise to serve our residents. By joining us, you exemplify the hospitality and heart that makes us HarborChase Senior Living.

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