HarborChase of Columbia

Assisted Living in Columbia, SC


Assisted living at HarborChase of Columbia provides residents with support when they need it and independence when they want it. We are proud to serve Columbia, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas, including Lexington, Blythewood, and Chapin.

Thorough and Attentive

Professional Caregivers

At HarborChase of Columbia, our dedicated associates are expertly-trained in daily assistance and symptom management. Our team provides residents with guidance in their daily activities while allowing them to experience life to the fullest. We serve our residents with respectful assistance, 24/7 attention, and access to medical therapies.

Unique and Tailored

Exceptional Hospitality Experience

The foundation of our Columbia, South Carolina, community is the belief of providing unmatched hospitality and an exceptional experience. Our skilled professionals embrace an “At Your Service” mindset and show particular attention to our residents’ unique needs and preferences, ensuring that they are happy and celebrated each day.

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Celebrating Senior Living

Vibrant and Diverse Activities

Through our Life Enrichment Program, HarborChase of Columbia offers a diverse calendar of fun, meaningful, and rotating activities. With over 20 experiences to choose from every day, we guarantee you’ll find something that you like! Our Columbia, South Carolina, community offers programs like Zumba, karaoke sessions, socials, and Jeopardy games.

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Central Location

HarborChase of Columbia’s Assisted Living community is located in the heart of South Carolina, just outside the metropolitan Columbia area. Our community is minutes from shopping and dining, and sits right on Harbison Lake, offering views and activities for residents and guests.

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For more information or to schedule a tour of our Columbia, South Carolina, community, contact a member of our care team today!