Why You Should Consider Assisted Living at HarborChase of Shorewood

Posted By on November 8, 2021

It’s natural to want to remain in your comfort zone. One survey estimated that nearly 90% of adults over 50 wish to “age in place”—to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. Even if the floor creaks and the paint is chipped, it’s still your home, where you’ve spent many years enjoying life and creating memories.

Sometimes, though, as much as you want to stay in your own home, it’s not the best decision for your physical, mental, and emotional health. You may have heard the phrase “assisted living” tossed around but never considered it yourself. You might have a misconception that assisted living communities are stiff, institutionalized facilities. However, today’s assisted living communities are vibrant, lively neighborhoods that encourage an active and joyful life.

One such community is HarborChase of Shorewood, offering luxury assisted living services to individuals and families in Shorewood, Wisconsin. We’re sharing some reasons why now could be the time to consider assisted living. We know that moving out of your long-time home can be difficult, but our community offers a lifestyle so appealing that you’ll wish you made the decision sooner! 

Enjoy Personalized Support

Even though you might be faring just fine on your own, imagine how much better life could be if you could receive professional, compassionate, and personalized support whenever you needed it? Many older adults find it hard to admit that their abilities are changing, and they might need some assistance. Some will even endanger themselves, doing things they aren’t fully capable of to “prove themselves” and their abilities. Not only is this mindset unnecessary, but it can end up being extremely dangerous. 

At HarborChase of Shorewood, our assisted living services offer respectful and discreet support with daily activities, never overstepping our bounds or making residents feel “less than.” Instead, we provide assistance when and where it’s needed, encouraging growth and independence while doing so. 

Take Advantage of Our Amenities

Our luxury assisted living community in Shorewood, Wisconsin, also offers an extensive list of amenities and services that you can’t find at home! Imagine daily chef-prepared meals and restaurant experiences, cleaning and laundry services, an on-site salon, comfortable outdoor courtyards, and daily activities to enhance your everyday life. Everything you could want or need is all right here in our community! 

World-Class Hospitality

In addition to our amenities, we also possess a world-class hospitality mindset that emulates a high-end resort. Each of our associates is committed to serving residents, going above and beyond to delight and impress them. 

Say Hello to Connection & Relationships

Even relatively healthy and active adults are drawn to the idea of senior living for the community aspect. As comfortable and safe as staying on your own might be, many older adults living alone can experience feelings of loneliness and isolation>, which can cause a number of health concerns. 

Assisted living communities like HarborChase of Shorewood offer an environment based around community and relationship-building, hosting daily activities, events, and programs to get residents engaged and social!

Discover a New Neighborhood

Shorewood, Wisconsin, is a unique, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood designed in the style of a European village. The unique layout makes it easy for residents of HarborChase of Shorewood to get out and explore the local area and all that Shorewood has to offer. Our assisted living community is situated just on the Milwaukee River, surrounded by scenic views and many activities. 

If you’ve found yourself fatigued with your daily life and routine, moving to a new, senior-friendly neighborhood could be precisely what you need! 

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Moving to assisted living could be something you heard of other people doing, but you’ve never considered it for yourself. You might think it’s for those who need full-time medical care or simply for those who are older than you. The truth is, though, that assisted living has more benefits than you might realize! Yes, assisted living communities provide daily care and support, but they also offer a unique lifestyle full of high-class amenities, exciting activities, and new adventures. 

HarborChase of Shorewood offers assisted living, memory care, and respite care services in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Our luxury community creates an unmatched senior living experience that mirrors a high-end resort. Personal care, exceptional hospitality, and convenient services come together to enhance your life at whatever stage you may be in. 

We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss our assisted living options; we promise you won’t regret it!