Mind, Body & Spirit: How HarborChase of Wildwood Enhances Holistic Wellness

Posted By on February 8, 2022

As the importance of healthy aging and wellness becomes more widely acknowledged, senior living communities—including HarborChase—continue to embrace comprehensive wellness programs. The term “wellness” encompasses more than just having a healthy immune system; it means living a fulfilling life that focuses on physical, mental, social, and spiritual engagement.

At HarborChase of Wildwood in Wildwood, Florida, we offer a holistic senior living experience that focuses on every dimension of wellness. Here, residents are given everything they need to live a fulfilling, engaging, and satisfying life and retirement. 

Importance of Holistic Wellness

Not all wellness is created equal. Some individuals may thrive in physical wellness but are unhappy because they lack social connections. Others may be succeeding in financial or spiritual wellness but pay little attention to their physical health. Holistic wellness takes the many facets of our lives and views them from a complete bird’s eye perspective, allowing each area of wellness to balance and complement the others. 

Only recently has it been accepted that mental health is just as important as physical health, and the other areas of wellness can be included in this comparison, as well. While it’s true that you should focus on some areas of wellness more than others, it’s often the case that they are all connected, and putting time and energy into one area will impact the others. 

Wellness Opportunities in Wildwood, Florida

At HarborChase of Wildwood, our Florida senior living community focuses on more than just physical health or mental wellness. Instead, we offer a comprehensive approach to care, ensuring that residents have the tools and resources to foster growth in all areas of their lives.

Physical Wellness at HarborChase 

One of our main focuses at HarborChase of Wildwood is ensuring (and promoting) physical wellness. In Wildwood, Florida, our senior living community offers assisted living and memory care services to support residents in necessary and supplemental activities. Not only do we assist residents in activities of daily living, but we also host daily fitness and exercise programs, including low-impact cardio, guided yoga, Wii Sports games, and chair dancing. 

In addition to fitness classes to promote physical wellness, HarborChase of Wildwood promotes physical wellness through our nutritional dining options. We ensure residents get the nutrients they need through our elevated dining experiences with multiple dining venues and chef-prepared meals

Mental Wellness at HarborChase 

Mental wellness and cognitive health are strongly linked to physical health. Many experts agree that engaging in physical activity can improve overall mood and outlook on life, enhance cognitive health and prevent or delay memory impairment. 

HarborChase of Wildwood focuses on mental and cognitive health, paying particular attention to the latter in our award-winning memory care neighborhood, The Cove. The Cove offers daily engagement intentionally designed to stimulate cognitive wellness and memory function. Some of the activities we offer at The Cove include games like Scrabble, trivia, Name That Tune, and other engaging activities like art projects, nature walks, and music programming. 

Spiritual Wellness at HarborChase 

We also know that spiritual wellness is extremely valuable to many of our residents. And while we do offer religious services and communion opportunities, spiritual health does not always have to mean religion. Our Florida senior living community in Wildwood also has many opportunities for meditation, reflection, and simple moments of peace and relaxation. 

Social Wellness at HarborChase

Like the other areas, social wellness is largely connected to physical wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual wellness. Our activities and programs in our Wildwood community are meant to be enjoyed with friends, neighbors, and strangers. Even the way our community is designed facilitates connections and relationships. 

All-Inclusive, Holistic Wellness

At HarborChase, we are passionate about healthy living and healthy aging. We want to ensure our residents are cared for physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. At HarborChase of Wildwood, not only do we make holistic wellness possible, we make it easy! Our senior living community in Wildwood, Florida, is intentional in everything we do and offer. Everything that residents need for an engaging, exciting, and fulfilling life is all right here. 

We invite you to visit our website to discover more about assisted living and memory care at HarborChase of Wildwood!

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