HarborChase Senior Living Associate Spotlight | Veronica Yestrumskas

Posted By on September 18, 2019

This month, HarborChase is excited to highlight the Executive Director of our HarborChase of Coral Springs community, Veronica Yestrumskas!

Earlier this year, shortly before Valentine’s day, a couple came in for a tour of HarborChase of Coral Springs, exploring options to meet the husband’s care needs. Following the tour, Veronica, Executive Director of the community, visited the couple in their home and prepared a Valentine’s Day meal of their favorite entrees. The couple knew from that moment that HarborChase of Coral Springs, with such personal attention and compassion from Veronica, was the right choice for them.

With extraordinary leadership skills and a commitment to building customer-focused relationships, Veronica has recently been awarded Executive Director of the Year by the Florida Senior Living Association. “Being recognized with this award indicates that intangible results are regarded just as highly as concrete accomplishments,” she said. “I feel that it is a tribute to and a reflection of my efforts, my character, and my deep level of commitment. To be acknowledged for the way I have led my team through challenging situations and difficult obstacles is deeply humbling.”

Originally from Connecticut, Veronica attended the University of Miami, where she double majored in criminology and psychology. Passionate about senior living, she served at assisted living and memory care communities shortly after college graduation. Veronica worked in a variety of positions from hands-on roles like Life Enrichment Professional to leadership roles like Memory Care Director. She has been a dedicated Executive Director for eight years and has served in this role at HarborChase of Coral Springs for four years. As the Executive Director, she is responsible for the overall management of the community to ensure high-quality senior care services, within budgetary guidelines, while meeting or exceeding Harbor Retirement Associates standards.

“I came to HarborChase for a new challenge and growth opportunity,” Veronica explained. “The people I have the privilege of working with are the reason I’m so proud to work here. I appreciate that HRA truly values its employees and the efforts they put into bettering the community every single day.”

Veronica demonstrates strong problem-solving skills in urgent situations. She remains steadfast during difficult periods, and always has residents, associates, and HRA’s best interests in mind. Veronica worked tirelessly through Hurricane Irma as her residents and staff evacuated to a sister community. She assisted in carrying residents and their belongings up and down the stairs to their temporary apartments. Veronica also worked hand-in-hand with her associates to provide the best care possible in an extremely challenging situation.

Veronica illustrates extraordinary dedication and commitment to preserving the dignity, well-being, and independence of residents. Always building a partnership-style relationship with families and encouraging open dialogue and feedback. Veronica has been praised for her empathetic listening, personal attention, and constant communication with family members about the care of their loved one.

Veronica Yestrumskas“When someone wishes to speak with me, whether it be a resident, a family member, an associate, a healthcare provider, a prospect, or a volunteer, I am aware that to that individual, at that moment, their issue or concern is the most important thing in their world,” Veronica said. “Regardless of what I am doing or what deadline I am trying to meet, I make every effort to devote my undivided attention to the present situation.”

An advocate for the residents and staff of the community, Veronica motivates her team by being involved in all aspects of the community. She is always willing to provide resources, encouragement, and advice for advancement to the team members. Additionally, as a mentor for new executive directors, she has supported other communities to ensure smooth operations.

“I’m very fortunate to have had Veronica as my mentor,” said Laura Fusaro, now Executive Director at HarborChase of Tamarac. “She provided me with as much knowledge about the company policies and procedures as possible and made sure I knew that no question would be unanswered. She certainly is a perfect example of HRA’s core values: respect, attentiveness, integrity, stewardship, and excellence.”

In 2010, Veronica adopted a dog named Logan from the Tri-County Humane Society to be the “community pet” within a memory care setting. Taking his title of Executive Top Dog at HarborChase of Coral Springs extremely seriously, Logan is spirited, kind, earnest, inquisitive, well dressed, and most of all, proud! During the evacuation for Hurricane Irma, Logan served as the most significant “home away from home” element that awarded the residents peace of mind in a challenging situation.

“The lines between myself as an individual and myself in my role at HarborChase have become blurred,” Veronica said. “I have woven myself into the fabric of this community and feel a strong sense of ownership and a great deal of pride.”

In her spare time, Veronica, an avid football fan, enjoys watching the Miami Hurricanes and the New York Giants. Thank you, Veronica, for all the hard work that you do at HarborChase of Coral Springs. We appreciate you and all the effort you put into making this community a genuine home!