Looking for Assisted Living in Middlesex County, New Jersey?

Located halfway between New York and Philadelphia, this county has over 800,000 residents – a number that continues to expand! With a mix of small towns, rural communities, and urban meccas, the perfect experience awaits everyone when they choose assisted living in Middlesex County.

Railroad tracks cross Manalapan Lake in Thompson Park in Middlesex County New Jersey.

Rich with American History

Known as the birthplace of life-saving advancements, Middlesex County is home to New Jersey’s largest life science incubator, so it’s no surprise that the businesses of tomorrow are choosing Middlesex County every day. From cancer immunotherapy developments to a state-of-the-art living laboratory for smart mobility, the county is constantly fostering growth to create an enriching culture for all facets of life.

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Advancing Towards a Bright Future

From world-class health facilities to numerous Fortune 500 companies, Middlesex County prides itself on being known for innovation, productivity, and expansion. When you move to an assisted living facility in Middlesex County, New Jersey, you’ll become part of the second-largest community in the state with plenty of adventures on the horizon, incredible outdoor activities, local cuisine, and a thriving theater district.

Assisted Living in Princeton, New Jersey

Experience a Higher Level of Wellness

An assisted living facility can offer you or someone you love exceptional care and support with everyday needs within a safe and beautiful community. HarborChase of Princeton provides outings and excursions into Middlesex County, giving ample opportunities to connect inside and outside our community.

Assisted living in Middlesex County means that you have the option to enjoy numerous benefits around the area. Senior living is a cause for celebration, and our HarborChase assisted living community can offer individuals beautiful, private apartments, health and wellness classes like strength training and water aerobics, and first-class dining options for every mood and occasion.

HarborChase of Princeton offers residents the independence they deserve while providing personalized support for their unique needs; from transportation to daily tasks, we’re proud to provide the resources individuals need to live happier and enhanced lifestyles.

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