Memory Care at McKinney senior living
senior living residents enjoying a stroll in McKinney

Caring is what makes all the difference

For residents who need help with the progressive limitations of aging, a special kind of person steps up. The specially trained associates at HarborChase offer a dedication that matches their expertise to bring the gold standard of care to those with Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

Most important, the care is centered on the person. Although our caregivers clearly understand the role diagnosis plays, each resident is seen as an individual first, one whose unique self is recognized and honored.

Our thinking has always placed the resident first, and always will. And it starts with the desire of our caregivers to help residents and families celebrate those moments of grace when a resident’s personality shines, once again.

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Memory Care

HarborChase of McKinney Memory Care offers the gold standard in care for those afflicted with some form of dementia.

So if you're caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's or related conditions, please call us so we can help you along your journey. Our acclaimed Memory Care neighborhood is a safe and loving harbor for the lives of all our residents and their families.

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All together, we celebrate senior life.

What might well be unique about the care at HarborChase is our philosophy of reaching out to involve residents with their families and friends across the full spectrum of activities we offer. We welcome your detailed questions about our Family Partnership Volunteer program, our Life Enrichment programs, and the individualized support we offer families. For example, our Adult Retreat program gives home-based family caregivers welcome respite, be it for an hour, a week, or more, as needed. 

And because our associates provide complete daily caregiving support, family and friends are free to enjoy more quality time with loved ones. Family members tell us they can then concentrate on what really matters…whether that’s sharing a cup of coffee and hearing that favorite story told again, or just being able to relax, catch a breath, and say I love you.

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