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Assisted Living: Why Wait?

Assisted Living: Why Wait?

If you think that your loved one might be ready for Assisted Living, but aren’t quite sure if the time is right, you certainly aren’t alone. It is something that most of us have to grapple with at some point in our lives. Even when the signs are right there before our eyes, it’s sometimes difficult to come to the decision that it’s time to consider an Assisted Living community for a loved one. If you’ve ever answered “yes” to the following questions, it might be time to seriously consider Assisted Living:

● Are health, safety or social needs putting your parent at risk in their home? 
● For example, is there little to no food in the refrigerator? 
● Do you notice weight loss?
● Are medications either lasting longer or shorter than the prescribed dose? 
● Is your parent socially isolated and as a result becoming depressed or reclusive? 
● Has your parent recently quit driving? Or should they?
● Does it sometimes seem that things are just not right?
● Is being the caregiver to your parent just getting to be too much?

Why wait until you have some kind of a problem on your hands?  Assisted Living can eliminate those worries and help you gain true peace of mind today. Your loved one will receive assistance with daily living in a social model. Assisted living communities are thoughtfully designed for seniors who need some help on a day to day basis, but don’t quite require the high level of care found in nursing homes. They receive assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation and other common activities of daily living. 

In addition to these activities of daily living, assisted living services are focused on overall wellness and medication management. Residents enjoy a seamless combination of convenience and care. Care partners are available 24 hours a day for additional safety, convenience and security. Residents receive the appropriate level of support needed to nurture and maintain independence for as long as possible. 

In addition to friendly supportive services, many assisted living communities provide social, devotional, fitness and recreational opportunities that have a positive impact on seniors. This regular and daily social interaction is something that many seniors miss when they’re living at home alone. Residents of assisted living communities often enjoy a variety of social events such as games, classes or even live entertainment. 

Driving is an area that often causes grown children to worry about their parents and loved ones. Most assisted living communities provide scheduled transportation. Seniors can take a bus or van to the mall, the grocery store or to important appointments. No more worries about driving accidents or automobile maintenance.

Another common worry is that seniors living alone also don’t always eat right. In Assisted Living, residents are provided with fresh and nutritious meal options every day. No more frozen dinners or empty refrigerators. Some communities even offer seasonal chef-prepared cuisine in different dining venues. A healthy and well-balanced diet truly improves and enhances the health and frame of mind of seniors.

There really are a lot of advantages to living in an assisted living community. The supportive services available through an assisted living community can truly make life easier and more enjoyable for both you and our loved one. Visit www.harborchase.com to find out more about Assisted Living and how it can be a positive change for your family.